Skylines of Hotel Rooms

Photo by Tracy Fuentes

By Mimi Flood

Hotel Paper

All the hotel rooms are the same / besides the color of the walls and bedsheets/ it’s you and me standing in every single one / like a flip picture book / and we both know how it ends / but I’m a slave to this type of love / this kind of leaving.

Skyline to Skyline

We went from skyline to skyline / possessed by the light / this was joy / this was the heat waxed into our palms / undressed me under the moonlight / we drew moths with the headlights left on / everything goes fast / like when a deer kills the light / everything merges / blurs into everything else / it was like a dream I had when our bodies were being pulled out of the water / and I asked you what did you think it meant / because the song that was playing was the same on the radio of an open car door of where our bodies were laid nearby / where did you go? / What have you seen? / did you get what you wanted? Did you change? Did you find what you were looking for? Do you miss me? Did you love me? Would you ever find me again? You were like a honeymoon to me.


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