letters from a past self

Photo by Jana Marquez By Jana Marquez This is a collection of love letters from past versions of me at different places in my life, hoping that the version of me who reads them back one day would be a better one. I write to myself hoping to get to know the person behind the…… Continue reading letters from a past self

14 hours away

Photo by Lianelys Cabrera By Angie Shenouda in a little while, the trees around you will turn golden. rain will kiss the ground outside & you’ll study inside your apartment, hot chocolate on your tongue. and i’ll be in my hometown, a place i’ve never lived before, underneath the sun. my knuckles will smile as…… Continue reading 14 hours away

Return to Sender

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Maleia Tremblay Dear dad,  You are spontaneous, and wild.  You were an idea of a home filled with security and safety, until I learned you were the cause of my anxiety with your high life.  I dreamt up an imagery that you were all I needed.  You are too free…… Continue reading Return to Sender

Awaiting August

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich Awaiting August, it’s like I’ve woken from a hundred-year-long springtime sickness. Late winter has never been easy for me— days worth of steel skies, cold winds sweeping flat fields of cracked, brittle cornstalks, brass puddles in the field behind my yard, last summer’s crushed, damp weeds stuck to…… Continue reading Awaiting August

Postcards from My Longing

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson Inspired by old-school postcards, I painted on photographs from trips to my family’s cabin in New Hampshire. Summer has always been such a sad season for me, full of loneliness and nostalgia. These photos are an attempt to capture the feeling of longing — wishing you were somewhere…… Continue reading Postcards from My Longing


Photo by Rosie Lopolito By Rosie Lopolito After Victoria Chang Memory—was born on December 4th and died the following day of stress or maybe neglect, whichever is easier to swallow when the mature eldest AFAB affliction sinks her polished crooked teeth into glossy tomatoes your grandparent—I can’t remember which one—gave you on a mountain across…… Continue reading Memory


Photo by Clarissa Cervantes By Clarissa Cervantes Forever, you will be in my heartForever, you will be in my thoughtsForever, you will be my great friend Forever, I will cherish you…Forever, I will think of you…Forever, I will reach out to you… Life goes on…Whether we choose to move forward and explore the world,Or stay…… Continue reading Forever


Photo by Hannah Blair By Jennifer Prewitt It’s been, what? Five months? And the time before that, even longer. I wish you were here. I wish you were here. The city is big. Loud. The people are nice. Kind of like you. They’re loud, too. Just like their home. It feels small, sometimes. Four days…… Continue reading Waverly

i moved

Photo by Mo Noel By Mo Noel Late nights by the lake didn’t feel the same. I could still see your reflection shimmer in the water. And I couldn’t help but wish you were here. You’re off to better things, but you made this big, little city feel like home.  I replayed the memories, trying…… Continue reading i moved