Tracy Fuentes

She/her, Co-editor in chief

Tracy studies English and Political Science at UNLV. She is passionate about many things, but a few highlights include coming of age films, shojo manga, and Asian representation in media. A typical day for her involves working at the art museum, doing homework, and watching anime with her boyfriend.


Kleigh Balugo

She/her, Co-editor in chief

Kleigh majored in Journalism & Design and is currently based in NYC. She is interested in all writing mediums as well as printmaking. You can usually find her watching chick flicks, listening to Japanese Breakfast, drawing little bunnies everywhere, making zines, or buying expensive matcha lattes.

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Ash Fuentes

She/her, Movie/fashion columnist

Ash is an aspiring fashion designer and screenwriter from Las Vegas. She is deeply interested in fashion, film, and many types of other arts. She spends most of her time listening to music, writing, watching movies, attempting to learn other languages, and playing Just Dance.

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Francesca Bernardino

She/her, Music columnist

Born in the Philippines but raised in Las Vegas, Francesca is currently at Macalester College in St. Paul. Among her many interests are the social sciences and legal studies. When she isn’t studying, Francesca is always looking for new music, anime, or books to enjoy.

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Vlada Stark

She/her, Fiction/essay columnist

As an aspiring novelist, Vlada loves Kindergarten as a creative space for experimentation. She enjoys writing, painting, and over-analyzing fiction. In the first 3 issues of Kindergarten she was under the pseudonym of “Lyra”, now she’s worked up the courage to let go of anonymity.

Isabel Cruz

She/her, Movie/essay columnist

Isabel is an English and Film major at UCSB. An ideal day for her would be one spent reading, watching movies, and taking a long walk. Isabel’s favorites include Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger and The Before Trilogy directed by Richard Linklater.

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Athena Rajnai

They/she, Poetry/music columnist

Athena is from Stroudsburg, PA and studies Voice & Theatre Arts Management at Ithaca College School of Music in Ithaca, New York. When they aren’t writing poetry or illustrating, they enjoy playing guitar, songwriting, photography, and creating jewelry to sell with their younger sister.


Vinh Tran

He/him, Opinion columnist

Vinh doesn’t like talking about himself, mainly because even he doesn’t know how to describe himself. That’s why he hopes his writing fulfills that. Whether it may be about life, philosophies, fashion, photography—he hopes you enjoy his work.


Greta Unetich

They/she, Poetry columnist

Greta grew up in Buffalo, NY and currently goes to school in Ithaca, NY for biology, chemistry, and education. She has been writing poetry since eighth grade and published her first book, “Look Both Ways,” in December 2019. Besides writing poetry, Greta enjoys reading, hiking in the ADK, painting, and making bracelets.

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Ian Watson

He/him, Movie/music columnist

Ian is a Las Vegas native who studies sociology at UNLV. When he isn’t in school or at work, he is experimenting with film photography, listening to The Cure, or watching the latest Bong Joon-Ho movie!

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Natalia Lee

She/us/we, Poetry columnist

Originally from NYC, Natalia moved to Los Angeles at 19 years old to pursue her pilgrimage of world travel, spiritual inquisition, and artistic expression. Since then, she has dedicated herself to spirituality while releasing multiple works such as poetry collections, e-books, zines, physical art, a podcast, and a personal blog.

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Silvana Smith

She/her, Art/illustration contributor

Silvana Smith is a visual artist and writer born in Sicily and raised in Florida. She recently graduated from The University of North Florida with a degree in fine arts. She pursues sculpture, photography, illustration, printmaking and more. Cats, insects, eggs and tea bring her happiness.


Molly Zofia

She/her, Poetry columnist

Molly is a London based poet and writer. Her favourite thing about being a contributor for Kindergarten Mag is having access to a supportive and kind community of like-minded artists, writers, and creatives. Molly is the founder and Editor in Chief of Late Britain Zine, a non-profit magazine raising money for UK based charities through poetry, art, and photography.


Alex Zavala

He/him, Poetry/essay columnist

Alex is a communication studies major attending UNLV. Growing up in Nevada, Alex has always been passionate about writing and looks forward to sharing his work with others for the first time. He also loves spending time with his friends and family, listening to Taylor Swift, and daydreaming aimlessly.


Kristen Del Pilar

She/her, Essay columnist

Kristen is a third year undergraduate student at UCLA pursuing a degree in Psychobiology. She was raised in Las Vegas and enjoys reading, creative writing, and spending time outdoors.


Lianelys Cabrera

She/her/ella, Poetry/essay columnist

Lia was born and raised in Cuba but currently resides in Las Vegas. She’s now studying psychology at UNLV, and when she isn’t stressing about school, you can find her taking naps with her dog. Lia enjoys doing embroidery, eating, and aspires to be a better plant mom.


Aian Taibor

They/he, Movie/music columnist

Aian was born in the Philippines and immigrated to Wales at the age of three. As a former chef he loves food but now as an aspiring Director and self taught artist, his life revolves around art and creates daily!

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Brigita Przybylski

She/her, Poetry/movie columnist

Brigita lives in New Jersey and has been writing all her life but only recently started sharing her work. Her other passions include television, photography, and yoga. She hopes to spread happiness through everything she creates.


Alexandra Pelas

She/her, Essay/music columnist

Alex is from Las Vegas and goes to UNLV. She’s a Political Science major but also loves other subjects! In her free time, she listens to Taylor Swift and Twice.


Bianca Bucu

She/her, Art/essay columnist

Bianca is a Public Relations major at SJSU. Her hobbies include drawing, video editing/photography, and writing in her bullet journal. If she isn’t watching anime, you can usually find her starting a random hobby or taking a very long nap.


Jacquelyn Rodriguez

She/her, Poetry/essay columnist

Jacquelyn is a psychology major that was born and raised in Las Vegas. Although she has only written for school in the past, she is interested in finding new ways to express herself. She loves hanging out with friends, playing with her dog, and searching for cute cafés around Vegas.


Cecilia Kegler

She/her, Photo contributor

Cecilia is a photographer and videographer based in NYC. She makes work about her family or whatever is affecting her life, such as sexual assault and mental health. When she’s not making art, she’s most likely cuddling with her cat named Monkey, getting a tattoo, or shaving her head.

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Aiden Nelson

They/them, Art/poetry columnist

Aiden is currently studying writing and art in Ithaca, NY. They’re an avid Phoebe Bridgers fan, iced oat milk latte addict, and parent to two rats. When not exploring new mediums, they’re at their local skatepark or playing bass.


Jana Marquez

She/her, Essay/opinion columnist

Jana Marquez was born in Chicago, IL and is a Journalism and pre law student at UNLV. She is passionate about writing, storytelling, music, and fashion. She’s always on the hunt for a new cafe to create in or hidden gems to explore.


Sydney Shaffer

She/her, Poetry/music columnist

Sydney Shaffer is a poet from Brooklyn that graduated from SUNY Purchase college. She loves writing poetry based on her own life mixed with vivid magical imagery. Sydney currently writes articles for a health magazine and works in education. When Sydney isn’t writing, you can find her drinking coffee, playing with her cats and pet mice, and listening to Taylor Swift’s entire discography.


Riley Lauren Lynch

She/they, Art/photo contributor

Riley Lauren is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Chicago, IL and Detroit, MI. Their practice is largely based around gender politics, queerness, disability and excess.


Angie Shenouda

She/her, Poetry columnist

Angie is a poet studying Gender and Sexuality Studies at UNLV. Her writing is inspired by intersectional issues and her own life experiences. When not asleep, she can be found listening to Taylor Swift, crafting feminist jewelry with clay, or rewatching the Disney movie “Soul” for the millionth time.


Madison Kleinrock-Andrews

She/her, Poetry columnist

Madison was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and is now a biological sciences major at UNLV’s Honors College. Even though she is not an English major, she has a passion for poetry. She enjoys writing, reading, listening to music, and watching Netflix in her free time.

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Eryn DuChene

He/him, Photo contributor

Eryn is a New York based photographer who focuses mainly on documentary, fine art, and portraiture. He currently studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology.


Ahri Vi

She/her, Essay/fiction columnist

Ahri is a writer who is influenced mostly from her Latine culture, love for fandom, and queerness. When she isn’t writing, she’s drawing and gushing over anime, music, Star Wars, and literature.


Rosie Lopolito

She/her, Poetry/essay columnist

Rosie currently studies English Literature at Washington University in St. Louis. Her hobbies include reading the Wikipedia summaries of horror movies, being nosy, and washing her hands.