Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda is this one ready? i ask but i think i know the answer.  she tilts her head. hmmm. i don’t know… maybe.  i’ve never seen a peach look so perfect, a warm sunset on fuzzy skin, orange yellows reds in harmony as if birthed by delicate brush strokes.…… Continue reading ripe

the smell of moss

Photo by Rosie Lopolito By Rosie Lopolito you smell like sunlight:warm & woodyclover & wild strawberriespoking between the seams of our futurebrick-bordered gardenfilled with thyme, thyme, thyme(we have nothing but timeand striped tomatoes). you smell bright & brilliantspiced & soft like a chai-laced dream orchamomile & sunflowers &speckles of baby’s breath &surely these aches rooted…… Continue reading the smell of moss

Secret Sapphic Spread

Photo by Nilanjana Ray By Nilanjana Ray Two girls in flowing dresses   join their hands together in silent prayer, hoping no one finds out their secret. Hiding spots or otherwise stay hidden. They walk through the forest farthest away from their homes, humming a familiar song, a little off-key. Their hearts beat in perfect unison.…… Continue reading Secret Sapphic Spread

I keep buying expensive shoes and they never last as long as they should

Photo by Sigra DeWeese By Sigra DeWeese I am climbing the rocks by the water in  Platform boots  Always more a danger to myself than others  A twisted ankle seems a small price to pay for a dinner  Party story.  I’m always roughest on things I love  I cannot keep from touching  From leaving my…… Continue reading I keep buying expensive shoes and they never last as long as they should

ants and wasps

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Cait Thomson everything breaks my  heart and i’m tired but lets stop by the river help me to forget  the world for an instant here kiss each fingertip devour me like the ants and wasps swarm the over ripe berries just you and i now and the steady beat of…… Continue reading ants and wasps

Picnic Basket Spill

Photo by Jazz Marie Kaur By Jazz Marie Kaur Because of you  I peanut butter n’ jelly picnic dream  I dream of our first date by your favorite beach  I dream of snapping photos besides you  I dream of becoming your first forever ice  cream  You are moon beautiful  Your voice shoots jumper cables into…… Continue reading Picnic Basket Spill

Summer of Shygirl

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Mimi Flood Woman with Dove  I laid my head on his lap in Bryant Park/ as we waited for the summer movie to start/ he outlined my face with his finger / like a Picasso with a dove.  Sprinklers and Flower Crowns  We ran through sprinklers/ sat in a kiddie…… Continue reading Summer of Shygirl

june 1st

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By A.J Stanton i rise from the grasp of sleepand what greets me when i rise?an old friendgone for so long, it seemsreaching through the cracks of my blindsstroking my face as if to tell meit’s time, loveit’s okayand she laces up my shoeshelps me down the stairsand it’s hardi open…… Continue reading june 1st

New Blue Hue

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich I wish to be all the blue that touches you, The color around and between my fingers, Off the dark blue deep end. – I made my bed with the pink comforter today for the first time in days. Carry me to this bed. Lay me down and…… Continue reading New Blue Hue