i moved

Photo by Mo Noel By Mo Noel Late nights by the lake didn’t feel the same. I could still see your reflection shimmer in the water. And I couldn’t help but wish you were here. You’re off to better things, but you made this big, little city feel like home.  I replayed the memories, trying…… Continue reading i moved

Friends to Lovers… and Back to Friends?

Photo by Cecilia Kegler By Cecilia Kegler When things ended,You said you still wanted to be friends.People always say that when they end things,But this felt different, I think you meant it.We were friends for a while before we dated,And we didn’t date for very long,So maybe it is possible. But my mind can’t help…… Continue reading Friends to Lovers… and Back to Friends?

blankets r 4

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss i remember when your hyper-masculine cold shouldersused to be warmlove turned to hate in a matter of daysit may be weird but i’m glad our eternity went to wastethought it needed recyclingbut my head mislabeled the binsbroken bottles and texts with modelscigarette butts and all the lapses of…… Continue reading blankets r 4


Photo by Rosie Lopolito By Rosie Lopolito back when i used to play house,there were two little girls—one charading a broad-shoulderedCEO in a polka-dotted skirtand the other arranging plasticfood and flowers on a squat blue table.they’d glow as they talkedabout the kids they don’t have. back before even then, a child with pigtailswould make soup…… Continue reading garlic


Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich 11/02/2021-11/03/2021 No one needs to know that it was you who pressed closer to me early this morning. No one needs to know that I remember you from almost two Januarys ago, that I remember winter on the other side of the tall church windows, making the early…… Continue reading Endearment


Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda is this one ready? i ask but i think i know the answer.  she tilts her head. hmmm. i don’t know… maybe.  i’ve never seen a peach look so perfect, a warm sunset on fuzzy skin, orange yellows reds in harmony as if birthed by delicate brush strokes.…… Continue reading ripe

the smell of moss

Photo by Rosie Lopolito By Rosie Lopolito you smell like sunlight:warm & woodyclover & wild strawberriespoking between the seams of our futurebrick-bordered gardenfilled with thyme, thyme, thyme(we have nothing but timeand striped tomatoes). you smell bright & brilliantspiced & soft like a chai-laced dream orchamomile & sunflowers &speckles of baby’s breath &surely these aches rooted…… Continue reading the smell of moss

Secret Sapphic Spread

Photo by Nilanjana Ray By Nilanjana Ray Two girls in flowing dresses   join their hands together in silent prayer, hoping no one finds out their secret. Hiding spots or otherwise stay hidden. They walk through the forest farthest away from their homes, humming a familiar song, a little off-key. Their hearts beat in perfect unison.…… Continue reading Secret Sapphic Spread