Stripping iii/Hold Me Tender

Photo by Riley Lauren Lynch

By Riley Lauren Lynch

The work I create is, at large, about intimate happenings of the human experience; I aim to continually explore themes of control, trauma, healing, sexuality and objectification. The materiality of my fiber-based pieces is indicative of my mode of creation. I tend to gravitate towards tedious, labor-intensive processes that turn the aspect of making and work into a performance, whether public or private, that adds to the catharsis of the finished product. I leave myself behind on every piece I make, whether it be representational or physical, in an effort to extend my natural life. As a chronically ill artist, I operate with an understanding that my presence and time are limited. As such, I have recently moved into performative work where the beginning of the piece is not the same as the end, and each art object I make is affected by time, conditioning and touch. The permanence and lack thereof in my pieces directly correlate to myself working in tandem with my illness, and the interactions. The artwork that is left after my interactions with it are exceedingly personal, telling the story of my body’s decay amid my illness. The here and the now is fleeting, and so am I; my work serves to penetrate time and space, offering a continually shifting experience for viewers in which the art is still being made long after I am gone.


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