Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta, Aidan Hurley, Rosie Lopolito, Angie Shenouda, Brigita Przybylski, Kleigh Balugo, Tracy Fuentes A self portrait is often a clear indication of how an artist perceives themselves. In the spirit of alone, we asked contributors to create self portraits that represent their relationship with themselves when no one else…… Continue reading Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Blue Air

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta Fridays are my days off. After a week of classes filled with writing papers, making illustrations, and attempting to go to bed at a normal time, Fridays are the days where I get to shut myself in my room and do absolutely everything and nothing. For me, being…… Continue reading Blue Air


Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta I’ve lived in many different places, and when I was a child, wintertime meant freezing temperatures and bundling up in layer after layer of thick jackets and puffy gloves. Putting on and taking off these winter clothes was always a hassle. However, the possibility of fun in the…… Continue reading Warmth

La Virgen del Sacrificio

Photo by Elvira Castillo By Elvira Castillo My installation focuses on the exploration of memory through the experience of a brown, first-generation, Bolivian American woman. While honoring the women that came before me, along with their struggles, sacrifice, and successes, I navigate through the disconnection I felt throughout my childhood and young adult life.  By reflecting on…… Continue reading La Virgen del Sacrificio

The World We Constructed

Photo by Emma Tolliver By Emma Tolliver My piece, a mixed-media piece utilizing photography, wood, vinyl fabric, gouache paint, zip-ties, and yarn, is about my identity as the daughter of immigrants. When my 할아버지 (romanization: harabeoji, Korean for “Grandpa”) immigrated to the United States, he was fleeing a traumatic situation. He built a koi pond…… Continue reading The World We Constructed

Postcards from My Longing

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson Inspired by old-school postcards, I painted on photographs from trips to my family’s cabin in New Hampshire. Summer has always been such a sad season for me, full of loneliness and nostalgia. These photos are an attempt to capture the feeling of longing — wishing you were somewhere…… Continue reading Postcards from My Longing

Chicano Art, Creative Risks, and the Unusual: An Interview with Artist Daisy Sanchez

Photo by Daisy Sanchez By Mariela Rivera Daisy Sanchez is an artist from Las Vegas. This summer she had her first solo show at ASAP, short for Available Space Art Projects, an experimental art space in The Historic Commercial Center District. Her most recent work is an introspection into her cultural identity. Her Chicano art gives…… Continue reading Chicano Art, Creative Risks, and the Unusual: An Interview with Artist Daisy Sanchez

That Picnic Scene

Photo by Eva Vitkute By Eva Vitkute The moment you realize you should turn and run away, but the sun’s too bright, the grass too green and the breeze too cool. Naivety and fear meet soft touches and hopeful eyes. This is more than just a meeting, more than a date. Something more. Quotes from:…… Continue reading That Picnic Scene