i found warning in my past words

Photo by Haley Zimmer By Haley Zimmer my very first diary entry about someone i had just met. even then there are warnings in my words. feelings i have come to realize i’ve always had. intuition is always right.

A Simpler Time

Photo by Niko Navalta By Ryland McGinniss & Niko Navalta Niko: This comic depicts that classic parent-child relationship where the child is in their rebellious phase. However, instead of chastising them, the parent is reminded of their own rebellious arc and looks back with fondness. Ryland: This comic reminds me of the storyline I wish I grew…… Continue reading A Simpler Time


Photo by Amanda Perez By Amanda Perez This image is part of a more extensive photographic series entitled Metamorphose, telling the story of how one transitions from a sheltered, self-protective state into a confident, and colorfully adorned persona. — Tucked away in my cocoon, why would I ever want to leave? I doubt there is…… Continue reading Metamorphose

Bunny is Forever

Photo by Makela Moline By Makela Moline My primary focus when creating art is to visit internal reflection in order to build instinctually, to ensure an accurate representation of emotion, experience, and memory. Daily, my experiences in the dream world, the real world, and the imagination are logged and researched meticulously as if I were…… Continue reading Bunny is Forever

Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta, Aidan Hurley, Rosie Lopolito, Angie Shenouda, Brigita Przybylski, Kleigh Balugo, Tracy Fuentes A self portrait is often a clear indication of how an artist perceives themselves. In the spirit of alone, we asked contributors to create self portraits that represent their relationship with themselves when no one else…… Continue reading Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Blue Air

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta Fridays are my days off. After a week of classes filled with writing papers, making illustrations, and attempting to go to bed at a normal time, Fridays are the days where I get to shut myself in my room and do absolutely everything and nothing. For me, being…… Continue reading Blue Air


Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta I’ve lived in many different places, and when I was a child, wintertime meant freezing temperatures and bundling up in layer after layer of thick jackets and puffy gloves. Putting on and taking off these winter clothes was always a hassle. However, the possibility of fun in the…… Continue reading Warmth

La Virgen del Sacrificio

Photo by Elvira Castillo By Elvira Castillo My installation focuses on the exploration of memory through the experience of a brown, first-generation, Bolivian American woman. While honoring the women that came before me, along with their struggles, sacrifice, and successes, I navigate through the disconnection I felt throughout my childhood and young adult life.  By reflecting on…… Continue reading La Virgen del Sacrificio