Madison Kleinrock-Andrews

Be Patient With Me

Photo by Madison Kleinrock-Andrews and Kleigh Balugo By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews Please be patient with me. It will be a while  before I let myself believe  that we will last.  My father  left when I was a baby, and the only boy I’ve ever given my heart to  didn’t appreciate it, handed it back to me… Continue reading Be Patient With Me

The Lust Playlist

Desire fuels passion. Lust is the passionate yearning for something or someone. Admittedly, we often lust over the wrong things. No matter what you’re lusting over, here are songs handpicked by us about that all too familiar feeling. Listen to the playlist here Jacquelyn Rodriguez “From Eden” by Hozier If there’s any artist that writes… Continue reading The Lust Playlist

Won’t You Join Me

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but I’m already falling. I can’t help it.  The feeling you give me  is something I’ve never felt before, only heard about  in songs, movies, and books.  Like most new things, it’s both exciting and terrifying.  There are just as many examples … Continue reading Won’t You Join Me

Drunk on Love

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews I’ve never been drunk before. (I know I need a reason.  My father was an alcoholic. Is an alcoholic? He’s not dead. Just gone.  Is that a good enough reason?) But if I ever did get drunk, I imagine that it would feel the way that I did… Continue reading Drunk on Love