With Every Snuggle

Photo by Charlene Gonzales By Charlene Gonzales With every snuggle,You are always there.When I wiped my tears on your sleeves, You never let me go. With every snuggle,I will always be your little girl.I will be in your arms no matter how old I am. I am lucky to be your daughter,With every stitch,I will…… Continue reading With Every Snuggle

winter things

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Janetsa Keo Winter started to feel like mid-July. It was warm outside for once, in the dark hours of the season. The trees were dead and dry, the leaves were shriveled up and thin on the ground. The sun had been absent for quite some time, leaving only sparse clouds…… Continue reading winter things

Thursday in December, Maybe Six Years Ago (I’m Not Counting)

Photo by Jennifer Prewitt By Jennifer Prewitt On the hill I realized I was grossly underdressed. Wind blown snow giving cold kisses on our cheeks. “You go first,” and I did. We sled for hours, laughing when the thorns swallowed me up, the roses long dead. After, we sat in my car while it warmed…… Continue reading Thursday in December, Maybe Six Years Ago (I’m Not Counting)

A Perfect Space

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Maegan Smith I’ll shove my life in a box,And close my eyes.Stay warm, dry.Let it hang, In the air. A little box,Where stars glow but don’t burn,Voices ride the blades of a fan,Oh, how I yearned For air. No longer will footstepsBreak my night,Or will the soundOf paper give way…… Continue reading A Perfect Space

without central heating

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda i’m used to layers and layers of blankets, a rainbow to burrow underneath until the quivering fades, or until i fall into a dream. snooze buttons abused, resisting the inevitable unraveling of myself into the sharp shivers of the morning.  i’m best friends with the way my feet…… Continue reading without central heating

hot chocolate

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss i tried so hard to curate myself a foolproof collection of sweatersones in different sizes, because you fluctuated in levels of denialand i think you found peace in the fact that you could treat my identities like try-onsones that i convince myself are out of stylefor whatever list…… Continue reading hot chocolate

Daylight Savings

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich The water’s edge draws us closer. Plumes of dried, browning teasel, marsh grasses, and goldenrod stand tall above us as we crouch over the shore, just barely waving in the soft ripples of wind. Small raindrops touch the lake’s surface, each one barely making it the far distance…… Continue reading Daylight Savings

Best Of 2022 Scrapbook

By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews, Ryland McGinniss, Lianelys Cabrera, Angie Shenouda, Tracy Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo (in order of appearance) At the start of 2021, Kindergarten contributors shared their favorite moments of 2020 in the form of a scrapbook. In honor of 2022 drawing to a close and Kindergarten’s 2nd anniversary, contributors both new and returning looked back…… Continue reading Best Of 2022 Scrapbook


Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta I’ve lived in many different places, and when I was a child, wintertime meant freezing temperatures and bundling up in layer after layer of thick jackets and puffy gloves. Putting on and taking off these winter clothes was always a hassle. However, the possibility of fun in the…… Continue reading Warmth