Demolition and Division: Rebirth and Unity in Akira

Photo by Vlada Stark By Vlada Stark An unfortunate misconception plagues the science fiction genre. The over-saturated YA dystopias of the early 2010s were shallow copies of the same bleak dystopia inhabited by bland prototype characters. Science fiction, at least good science fiction, simply exaggerates the perplexities of the human experience. Which is why the…… Continue reading Demolition and Division: Rebirth and Unity in Akira

Nighttime Swimming

Photo by Brigita Przybylski By Brigita Przybylski Moonlight shining Hot tub diving Your body glows Our eyes blink slow  Reflections of stars shine  As I call you mine  Nighttime secrets  A love beacon  Pulling you close Touching our noses I feel you exhale  Movements like a snail  Your hand caresses My heart confesses A longing…… Continue reading Nighttime Swimming


Photo by Ash Fuentes By Ash Fuentes Not to sound like Vin Diesel in every Fast and Furious movie in the franchise, but family is important or whatever he says.  The top lessons taught by the franchise are don’t turn your back on family, you don’t have friends you have family, something about loyalty, more…… Continue reading Reunion

Flowers Still Grow

Photo by Aian Tabor By Molly Zofia As many will already know, June is Pride Month. For the theme of Unity, I worked with several contributors (who remain anonymous) to create a poetry piece about what it feels like to be unable to openly celebrate Pride. Pride can be a lonely time for members of…… Continue reading Flowers Still Grow

The Unity Playlist

For issue 7: Unity, we chose songs that bring people together. Listen with your friends and let the good times roll! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon This doesn’t seem like a song that would bring people together, as it’s just Carly Simon listing the many flaws of…… Continue reading The Unity Playlist

Harmony in Multitudes

Photo by Lianelys Cabrera By Lianelys Cabrera Diary Entry #1:  I have to admit that I express myself better through visual creations, hence the embroidery piece that goes with this mini-essay. Still, given the topic of this month, I’d like to take the time to dive deeper into the concept of harmony and its synonyms.…… Continue reading Harmony in Multitudes

Here, in Isla Vista

Photo by Dylan Delaney By Isabel Cruz The way people lie around in this town, you’d think they were dead, under the relentless Southern California sun. At worst, they are hungover, hoping to find relief in the heat. At best, they are taking a nap between classes, laptop left open, blackened by the outdoors, and…… Continue reading Here, in Isla Vista

Lorde’s Lessons

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala If you knew me in the summer of 2017, you knew I lived in part for my Lorde and savior.  On June 16, 2017, I realized Lorde’s music had somehow encapsulated experiences in my life I had not even experienced at that point–like my first breakup (hey Hard…… Continue reading Lorde’s Lessons

A Haiku: Breeze

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich In early June, theBreeze off the lake feels like theTouch of a lover.