discovery (for me)

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Sydney Shaffer I have turned the right way. I still yearn for the early morning chill. I swear there is nothing and no one else when I am under a fort of fuzzy blankets. Glowing from my rainbow fairy lights reflection that hangs above my twin size bed. I have…… Continue reading discovery (for me)

The Lust Playlist

Desire fuels passion. Lust is the passionate yearning for something or someone. Admittedly, we often lust over the wrong things. No matter what you’re lusting over, here are songs handpicked by us about that all too familiar feeling. Listen to the playlist here Jacquelyn Rodriguez “From Eden” by Hozier If there’s any artist that writes…… Continue reading The Lust Playlist


Photo by Sydney Shaffer By Sydney Shaffer Alone in a cabin  I imagine the snow  pouring itself  into the front door.  Trapped inside  with bottles of wine,  this will be forever yet  I never want to leave.  My cat curled up  at my feet  snowflakes are swirling  outside the window.  I’ll hide for as long…… Continue reading escapism

Bloodline/Just So Pretty

Photo by Sydney Shaffer By Sydney Shaffer bloodline  Ⅰ.  Cold skin, too stubborn  to wear our jackets outside  even on Christmas Day.  My mustard sweater keeps  me warm as different types  of smoke dances around us.  Ⅱ.  Fingers stinky from  the beer spills.  She responsibly  orders us iced water.  Dancing to music that  dates both…… Continue reading Bloodline/Just So Pretty