The Simple Joy

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Stephanie Mamonto In the time of quarantine  I was craving more sweets than I could ever imagine memes and live IGs made me sick They made me occasionally forget what I really like or do not like, all the sense of oneself, you know, before this crisis. Time flows as…… Continue reading The Simple Joy

Fashion Misses And Disses

Photo by Kleigh Balugo A large amount of the biggest fashion trends today are actually reused styles from the past. Fashion will always be recycled! Retro-style flare jeans, 90s grunge, and Y2K are a few styles that have inspired modern trends. Some of the contributors at Kindergarten Mag came together to share the trends they…… Continue reading Fashion Misses And Disses

The Nostalgia Playlist

For this month’s playlist, Kindergarten contributors handpicked songs that make them feel the most nostalgic, ranging from childhood favorites to middle school anthems. Turn the volume up and travel through time with us! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” by Arcade Fire There are many songs I love that…… Continue reading The Nostalgia Playlist

With You And Ice Cream

Photo by Stephanie Mamonto By Stephanie Mamonto time has stopped there with you and the ice cream conversations I’ve always wanted them to stay in the memories those awkward hugs my shaky hands around your arms the towering walls between us your big eyes gently smiling behind the melted cake boiled butter dripping through the…… Continue reading With You And Ice Cream