A Simpler Time

Photo by Niko Navalta By Ryland McGinniss & Niko Navalta Niko: This comic depicts that classic parent-child relationship where the child is in their rebellious phase. However, instead of chastising them, the parent is reminded of their own rebellious arc and looks back with fondness. Ryland: This comic reminds me of the storyline I wish I grew…… Continue reading A Simpler Time

The Unlikely Teen Idol: Characters We Love to Root For

By Ash Fuentes, Ahri Vi, Ryland McGinniss, Jennifer Prewitt, Aidan Hurley, Tracy Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo As teens, our favorite characters weren’t always the squeaky clean and put together ones. A lot of times we find ourselves rooting for the underdog— the loners, outcasts, and weirdos. They might come from rough backgrounds or even make questionable…… Continue reading The Unlikely Teen Idol: Characters We Love to Root For

hot chocolate

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss i tried so hard to curate myself a foolproof collection of sweatersones in different sizes, because you fluctuated in levels of denialand i think you found peace in the fact that you could treat my identities like try-onsones that i convince myself are out of stylefor whatever list…… Continue reading hot chocolate

Best Of 2022 Scrapbook

By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews, Ryland McGinniss, Lianelys Cabrera, Angie Shenouda, Tracy Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo (in order of appearance) At the start of 2021, Kindergarten contributors shared their favorite moments of 2020 in the form of a scrapbook. In honor of 2022 drawing to a close and Kindergarten’s 2nd anniversary, contributors both new and returning looked back…… Continue reading Best Of 2022 Scrapbook

blankets r 4

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss i remember when your hyper-masculine cold shouldersused to be warmlove turned to hate in a matter of daysit may be weird but i’m glad our eternity went to wastethought it needed recyclingbut my head mislabeled the binsbroken bottles and texts with modelscigarette butts and all the lapses of…… Continue reading blankets r 4

Anything Goes

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss reddening cheeks fashionably contrasting with the not so bright peachy orange outlines of our incorrectly feminine physiques  as we’re dancing around the lukewarm flames we let go of the yellow lanterns that hold our hearts and crumpled up papers with our dead names and we lay on the…… Continue reading Anything Goes