Eric Rohmer’s Stupid Men

Photo by Isabel Cruz By Isabel Cruz The sounds of water rolling onto the shore and birds gently chirping make up the soundtrack for “La Collectionneuse.” We are supplied with no music, just the paradisiacal sounds of the French Riviera and a voiceover from our narrator Adrien, as he tells of his experience while at…… Continue reading Eric Rohmer’s Stupid Men

Smoke Break

Photo by Vinh Tran By Vinh Tran I actually do want to quit smoking eventually, even if it’s not really smoke–it’s still horrible for you. I want to kick the habit, I want to quit. But that’s the thing about giving something up, some things are worth never returning to again, however, other things are…… Continue reading Smoke Break

In the Cool Snails Club

Photo by Eva Vitkute By Eva Vitkute An ode to rejecting the idea of fitting in. As a child, it can feel so alienating even being slightly quirky, and then as an adult, you can only ever dream of being that pure and genuine again. 

Squiggly Lines

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala Bring me back to the time where I knew nothing but squiggly lines and that my name begins with the letter “A”  Sing a track like Home Means Nevada to let the young voices shine and remember when all you wanted to do was play Cling to kindness,…… Continue reading Squiggly Lines

Two Haikus: At the Edge of the Waterfall

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich Buttermilk Falls State Park  Will I be able  To jump into these deep and  Dark waters again?  Will I ever hear  Such silence again, like what’s  Found beneath water?

“A” Honor Roll

Photo by Ian Watson By Ian Watson I made the terrible mistake of closely tying school to my identity during my adolescence and now I can’t escape it. I don’t think I can clearly pinpoint the exact time where this happened, but it definitely began very early, probably at the beginning of elementary school. Straight…… Continue reading “A” Honor Roll

Don’t Erase Me

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Tracy Fuentes I think we’ve all realized by now that the education we receive from kindergarten to twelfth grade is not very comprehensive, especially when it comes to the history of those who are not straight white men. As a Filipina American, I never learned anything about Filipino Americans in…… Continue reading Don’t Erase Me

Taking Up Space

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kleigh Balugo There’s nothing that I envy more than people who can unapologetically take up time and space in the classroom. In my freshman year of college I took a feminism theory class. I showed up on the first day with all my squeaky clean notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils,…… Continue reading Taking Up Space