Untitled Document

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Lauren Dominguez An empty piece of paper, or an online word document is one of the scariest things that can be in front of me. The only thing scarier is spiders. I am absolutely terrified of spiders… A blank page is just teeming with untapped potential. It’s waiting for whoever…… Continue reading Untitled Document

The Complexity of Barber Westchester

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Sinclair Adams Being an artist in the twenty-first century will crush your soul. Thanks to the double-edged sword that is the Internet, it’s easier than ever to access entertainment. The audience for my work is more global than it ever could have been. On the downside, the competition has never…… Continue reading The Complexity of Barber Westchester


Photo by Gerard Go By Gerard Go Do we have potential ? When all they see is my face,  is that my only potential ? When all they talk about are my wrongs, is that my only potential ? When all they hear is me playing games, is that my only potential ? When all…… Continue reading Potential

A Story

Photo by Michael Jones By Michael Jones After Scott Erickson The sixteenth summer was subtle, spilling over with delight, illuminated by strands of soft-spun sunlight, winding into infinity in directions I could not see. I still labored in those days, breaking my body, my burden, beneath morning and evening sun, that I might be made…… Continue reading A Story

Love shouldn’t hurt

Photo by Alyssa Duarte By Alyssa Duarte **CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault Resources can be found at thehotline.org and rainn.org** I honestly feel so much pain right now mentally & physically I can’t really put it into words.  i haven’t been able to hold down any food without gagging or throwing up, you choked me…… Continue reading Love shouldn’t hurt

discovery (for me)

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Sydney Shaffer I have turned the right way. I still yearn for the early morning chill. I swear there is nothing and no one else when I am under a fort of fuzzy blankets. Glowing from my rainbow fairy lights reflection that hangs above my twin size bed. I have…… Continue reading discovery (for me)

Good Luck Charm

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich It is the end of December, the time of the year when it is just as dark inside as it is outside. I have a toothbrush that belongs to me sitting on the edge of your sink now, the good luck charm that keeps me clean, that I…… Continue reading Good Luck Charm

Out of Touch

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kleigh Balugo Going to college with rich white kids has taught me a lot about myself. In my first year of college, I was desperate to make friends, as most freshmen are of course. Mostly because college can be lonely, especially when you don’t know anyone and especially when you…… Continue reading Out of Touch