Mud on the carpet

Photo by Aian Tabor By Molly Zofia I waited in all manner of places For a good day to begin. Basking in blue laced lights and  A lust for liberation from  All that could be defined by my superiors as  A good day for a girl Enveloping our wrists and waists  With surgeon-like conformity. I…… Continue reading Mud on the carpet


Photo by Molly Zofia By Molly Zofia I filled my heart through my nose, When I was nineteen years old, And so concerned with Piling my soul with a  Chemical lightness. All the while, I weighed myself, On the tipping scales of  Tentative womanhood and  Fragmented trepidation, Urging myself to  Borrow comfort from the  Familiarity…… Continue reading IFuckingHateMyDad