Magnetic Closeness

Photo by Daeja Sutherland By Daeja Sutherland Lust is such a weird concept to me because I feel it so rarely, and when I do I get so uncomfortable that I find myself running from it. In this piece I wanted to display the discomfort and magnetic closeness to the person/thing that comes with lust…… Continue reading Magnetic Closeness

to love without attachment

Photo by Jana Marquez By Jana Marquez “Every time I feel good, I think it’ll last forever.” In the pilot episode of the ever-popular HBO drama euphoria, Zendaya’s character Rue utters these words, highlighting her battle with addiction. She goes on to chase this feeling, escaping with it through any means. even though it won’t…… Continue reading to love without attachment

A guide to when you are not feeling hot

Photo by Lianelys Cabrera By Lianelys Cabrera Countless times I’ve found myself lost in insecurity, comparing my body and face to every person on social media and wondering, why am I not like that? A few months ago, my daily ritual was to take a long shower and listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Jealousy, Jealousy” on…… Continue reading A guide to when you are not feeling hot

Where “The Bachelor” Fails in Representation

Photo by Brigita Przybylski By Brigita Przybylski It is no secret that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have had problems with racism and a lack of casting diversity, for both the leads and contestants. But it was surprising to realize that the first women to ever host The Bachelorette were former bachelorettes Tayshia Adams (season…… Continue reading Where “The Bachelor” Fails in Representation


Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Gerard Go It was blue, and it was bliss.     Sometimes I dream a bit too big, works of art and works of fiction, to me they are real. Although they are depictions of an artist’s unstable mind, I like to believe that somewhere some when.. It exists. And so are…… Continue reading Lust

my professor said to write about an erotic experience, so I wrote about her hands

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson fingers like birds. I don’t believe in God,  but I believe in this – skin to skin contact,  the holiness of held breath and unlocked  potential. lavender iced coffee. glitter  on her eyelids. this is sex. or something  like it, her hands touch mine and I know,  deep…… Continue reading my professor said to write about an erotic experience, so I wrote about her hands

The Lust Playlist

Desire fuels passion. Lust is the passionate yearning for something or someone. Admittedly, we often lust over the wrong things. No matter what you’re lusting over, here are songs handpicked by us about that all too familiar feeling. Listen to the playlist here Jacquelyn Rodriguez “From Eden” by Hozier If there’s any artist that writes…… Continue reading The Lust Playlist

Must Be More

Photo by Lenna By Lenna I am longing for something I myself don’t know Is it a person to hold or a place to go? With each passing day, this craving grows stronger Yet it’s a mystery as to what’s causing this hunger . I yearn to escape all of this mundane reality But is…… Continue reading Must Be More

a vessel/iconoclast

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Joey Horger a vessel The intoxication possessed,  And the mere possibility seduced.  The reduction to a vapid vessel,  Thus, no sympathy was produced.  The initial infatuation,  Severed from an impetus.  These unions deceive me,  Yet now, the sensation has grown inconspicuous. I know not the denouement  You tempt me unknowingly. …… Continue reading a vessel/iconoclast