Underrated Coming of Age Films

Photo by Charlotte Turner By Charlotte Turner The coming of age genre is more popular than ever, but sometimes public opinion regarding these films feels a little unvaried. Sure, “Lady Bird,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and “Heathers” are all great, but I don’t need to write another article singing their praises. Instead, here’s…… Continue reading Underrated Coming of Age Films

Driving Thoughts

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala being stuck at the red light until the end of time is better than you think because you’re stuck in what happens before life begins, an uneventful brink dressed in your favorite clothes before the never-ending sweat stains, your anxious thoughts can’t leave the car and will never…… Continue reading Driving Thoughts

I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman The thought of turning 20 has been both the highlight and buzzkill of my year. It’s my last few months being 19, and being this age reminds me that my adolescence is coming to an end. I’m still immature and clumsy. I forget how to do things immediately…… Continue reading I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence


Photo by Molly Zofia By Molly Zofia I filled my heart through my nose, When I was nineteen years old, And so concerned with Piling my soul with a  Chemical lightness. All the while, I weighed myself, On the tipping scales of  Tentative womanhood and  Fragmented trepidation, Urging myself to  Borrow comfort from the  Familiarity…… Continue reading IFuckingHateMyDad

Asian American Lives Yesterday And Today

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Vinh Tran Trigger Warning: This article won’t depict any of the violent acts against the Asian community, however, it will directly address the history behind American Asian lives. The contents within this article may incite memories of trauma and have the possibility to cause uneasiness for readers. For those who…… Continue reading Asian American Lives Yesterday And Today