i found warning in my past words

Photo by Haley Zimmer By Haley Zimmer my very first diary entry about someone i had just met. even then there are warnings in my words. feelings i have come to realize i’ve always had. intuition is always right.

political theater

By Claire Cartwright  “it’s called resurrection, kid”you thought i’d never knowbut it’s all i can think about.i tried to keep your head above wateras you held mine down, but nowmy lungs are full of saltand can only exhale.i’ll try to forget your namebefore my hearse becomes a home,but i know if i saw you again,i’d…… Continue reading political theater

To Remember

Photo by Eryn DuChene By Eryn DuChene Through physical processes such as burning film and prints, running paper prints underwater, printing and rephotographing, I explored one of my own biggest fears, dementia and memory loss. The physicality of analog photography lends itself well to the portrayal of memory loss as film deteriorates over time just…… Continue reading To Remember

A Simpler Time

Photo by Niko Navalta By Ryland McGinniss & Niko Navalta Niko: This comic depicts that classic parent-child relationship where the child is in their rebellious phase. However, instead of chastising them, the parent is reminded of their own rebellious arc and looks back with fondness. Ryland: This comic reminds me of the storyline I wish I grew…… Continue reading A Simpler Time

Angst on Tour: How Music Got Me Through My Adolescence

By Emma Rosenstein Everyday is the end of the world when you’re a teenager. (Or a 20 year old that is somehow feeling the effects of a midlife crisis without even reaching quarter life age) This might be an unpopular opinion but I love feeling angsty. There’s nothing like finally being able to relate to…… Continue reading Angst on Tour: How Music Got Me Through My Adolescence

Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Anxious Angst

By Jennifer Prewitt “I’d rather you drink here than somewhere else” is the classic Cool Mom line, a line my mom said many times throughout my high school career. It felt like an invitation, like she couldn’t wait for me to ask her to go on a beer run. To prove that I trusted her,…… Continue reading Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Anxious Angst

Love Lies Bleeding

By Charlize Colle Fernandez In my dreams, I’m always drowning. It starts with this: the sky above, the ocean below, and a boy, tall and thin like an evening shadow, a signal fire for the setting sun. Waves crash against the cliff like thunder, kissing to my cheeks the salty tears of a fallen nymph.…… Continue reading Love Lies Bleeding

The Unlikely Teen Idol: Characters We Love to Root For

By Ash Fuentes, Ahri Vi, Ryland McGinniss, Jennifer Prewitt, Aidan Hurley, Tracy Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo As teens, our favorite characters weren’t always the squeaky clean and put together ones. A lot of times we find ourselves rooting for the underdog— the loners, outcasts, and weirdos. They might come from rough backgrounds or even make questionable…… Continue reading The Unlikely Teen Idol: Characters We Love to Root For