Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta, Aidan Hurley, Rosie Lopolito, Angie Shenouda, Brigita Przybylski, Kleigh Balugo, Tracy Fuentes A self portrait is often a clear indication of how an artist perceives themselves. In the spirit of alone, we asked contributors to create self portraits that represent their relationship with themselves when no one else…… Continue reading Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

betta fish

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda when i was 7 my dad brought home a little blue friend who floated inside a cup no bigger than my palm. he was angelic, a wave of delicate indigo dancing around his body. he hovered, eyes dull, the once colorful world warped and blurry behind a thin…… Continue reading betta fish

without central heating

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda i’m used to layers and layers of blankets, a rainbow to burrow underneath until the quivering fades, or until i fall into a dream. snooze buttons abused, resisting the inevitable unraveling of myself into the sharp shivers of the morning.  i’m best friends with the way my feet…… Continue reading without central heating

Best Of 2022 Scrapbook

By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews, Ryland McGinniss, Lianelys Cabrera, Angie Shenouda, Tracy Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo (in order of appearance) At the start of 2021, Kindergarten contributors shared their favorite moments of 2020 in the form of a scrapbook. In honor of 2022 drawing to a close and Kindergarten’s 2nd anniversary, contributors both new and returning looked back…… Continue reading Best Of 2022 Scrapbook

widow’s peak

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda Monday  i take a razor  to the top of my forehead  where the uppermost part of me meets in the shape  of a V and the blade lingers  above  the valley of my worry  and with waterfall eyes i flick my wrist and watch dark  hairs land on…… Continue reading widow’s peak

forbidden cotton candy

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda when i was seven i put my lunch where my colored pencils should goon smooth fabric alex the lion roared &sat underneath crayons and crinkled worksheets and candy wrappersuntil summertime.when white fuzz smiled around the corners I knew something was wrongwithout even looking inside i didn’t remember packing…… Continue reading forbidden cotton candy

14 hours away

Photo by Lianelys Cabrera By Angie Shenouda in a little while, the trees around you will turn golden. rain will kiss the ground outside & you’ll study inside your apartment, hot chocolate on your tongue. and i’ll be in my hometown, a place i’ve never lived before, underneath the sun. my knuckles will smile as…… Continue reading 14 hours away

What Pixar’s “Soul” Taught 20-Year-Old Me

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda ** Warning: Spoilers ahead! ** “All the times I’ve been so close to getting to my dreams. – something always gets in the way.” – Joe Gardner, Pixar’s Soul  If you’re anything like me, you’ve sometimes felt like the world has been playing a massive prank on you. These…… Continue reading What Pixar’s “Soul” Taught 20-Year-Old Me


Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda is this one ready? i ask but i think i know the answer.  she tilts her head. hmmm. i don’t know… maybe.  i’ve never seen a peach look so perfect, a warm sunset on fuzzy skin, orange yellows reds in harmony as if birthed by delicate brush strokes.…… Continue reading ripe

The Dreamland Playlist

Zzzz… This month’s playlist is in honor of hitting the snooze button and floating off to dreamland. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6beWu0ftIBGpQYHjVlI2NS?si=1814e1fb83e44fcd Listen to the playlist here Lianelys Cabrera “Still Dreaming” by Raveena If there’s something dreamy in this world, that is Raveena’s voice, especially in this song because of all the simplistic…… Continue reading The Dreamland Playlist