7:20 am

Photo by Alyssa Duarte By Alyssa Duarte 7:20am,  dreams colored violet  filled with envy shades of fire love isn’t free a cold heart swallowed the sea think of her think of me only a nightmare but you should envy the color her long hair shades of brown the ocean churns her heart frowns my sweet…… Continue reading 7:20 am

Love shouldn’t hurt

Photo by Alyssa Duarte By Alyssa Duarte **CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault Resources can be found at thehotline.org and rainn.org** I honestly feel so much pain right now mentally & physically I can’t really put it into words.  i haven’t been able to hold down any food without gagging or throwing up, you choked me…… Continue reading Love shouldn’t hurt