In Bloom

Photo by Ahri Vi By Ahri Vi Only recently have I been comfortable enough to call myself a late bloomer. I can confess that I used to be embarrassed to admit that– at the age of 23, I had never been in a relationship, never been asked out, or even had my first kiss. This…… Continue reading In Bloom

Alone Together

Photo by Liz Gordon By Liz Gordon For most of my life, I have sought affection from someone else. Whether it’s romantic or not, I always thought it was something only another person can provide.  For some reason, I’ve been convinced I cannot provide enough care for myself in order to feel full and content.…… Continue reading Alone Together

home, unaccompanied

Photo by Rosie Lopolito By Rosie Lopolito Home, Unaccompanied After Monica Youn Gravedigger’s clothes should be splatteredwith cemeteries’ grey-green soil to signal loyalty to the dead, and likewisethis gangrene jumpsuit needs a shroud, dusty embrace from a dryad, blossominginto decay. Cover me, clay crackles, unweighted, unscented, and freefrom the miasma of mud out here— this…… Continue reading home, unaccompanied

The Talk

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Ash Fuentes I dream of one day having a place of my own to decorate with every aesthetic that my mid-size heart desires. I’d spend money on as many nonessential homely items as I please. I already have the theme of every room picked out in my head, complete with…… Continue reading The Talk

Ratatouille for One

Photo by Jennifer Prewitt By Jennifer Prewitt I’m not so naive that I think a movie can protect me. My childhood home was burglarized twice before I had even finished middle school, both times while my mom and I were away. Both times by someone we knew. In some twisted way, I suppose this could…… Continue reading Ratatouille for One

Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta, Aidan Hurley, Rosie Lopolito, Angie Shenouda, Brigita Przybylski, Kleigh Balugo, Tracy Fuentes A self portrait is often a clear indication of how an artist perceives themselves. In the spirit of alone, we asked contributors to create self portraits that represent their relationship with themselves when no one else…… Continue reading Looking Inward: Our Self Portraits

her quiet life in rome

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Janetsa Keo “So, when in Rome, right?” Nicole readjusted her phone that was dangling dangerously in between her ear and shoulder. With a sigh, she switched the books that were buried underneath her arm to her hand as she tried to balance herself on top of the stool she was…… Continue reading her quiet life in rome

What Do I Do?

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews “I’ve got a lot to live without. / I’m never gonna meet / what could’ve been, / would’ve been, / what should’ve been you.”  —Taylor Swift, “Bigger Than the Whole Sky” You were my first love (I guess I’ll only be talking about you in the past tense…… Continue reading What Do I Do?

Blue Air

Photo by Niko Navalta By Niko Navalta Fridays are my days off. After a week of classes filled with writing papers, making illustrations, and attempting to go to bed at a normal time, Fridays are the days where I get to shut myself in my room and do absolutely everything and nothing. For me, being…… Continue reading Blue Air

Loneliness on the Big Screen

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Brigita Pryzbylski ** Warning: Spoilers ahead! ** We grow up on the promise of happily ever afters, an unrealistic and unattainable idea fed to us through movies with romantic fairytale endings. These stories can make us feel lonely and unhappy when comparing them to our own lives. We all innately crave…… Continue reading Loneliness on the Big Screen