Squiggly Lines

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala Bring me back to the time where I knew nothing but squiggly lines and that my name begins with the letter “A”  Sing a track like Home Means Nevada to let the young voices shine and remember when all you wanted to do was play Cling to kindness,…… Continue reading Squiggly Lines

My Summer Superpower

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala Growing up, Summers in the suburbs felt like the beginning of some sad story sitting carelessly in my Notes app where every story sounded the same. I’d wake up, fight the Summer heat by staying inside all day, pace around aimlessly, watch reruns of Spongebob, fall asleep, rinse,…… Continue reading My Summer Superpower

The Unity Playlist

For issue 7: Unity, we chose songs that bring people together. Listen with your friends and let the good times roll! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon This doesn’t seem like a song that would bring people together, as it’s just Carly Simon listing the many flaws of…… Continue reading The Unity Playlist

Lorde’s Lessons

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala If you knew me in the summer of 2017, you knew I lived in part for my Lorde and savior.  On June 16, 2017, I realized Lorde’s music had somehow encapsulated experiences in my life I had not even experienced at that point–like my first breakup (hey Hard…… Continue reading Lorde’s Lessons

Old Friend

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Alex Zavala Hey there, old friend, remember when you fought for our future when I thought I wanted it all to end? Back then, life couldn’t be any smoother You see, old friend, we followed our own lone paths, but when our friendship met its bookend, I wasn’t there to…… Continue reading Old Friend

Letters To Our Future Selves

By Alex Zavala, Ash Fuentes, Natalia Lee, Kleigh Balugo To close out issue 5 and our internal coming of age movies, Kindergarten contributors wrote letters to our future selves. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we’ll always have these letters to read back. Plus, no one is more fun to talk to…… Continue reading Letters To Our Future Selves

Driving Thoughts

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala being stuck at the red light until the end of time is better than you think because you’re stuck in what happens before life begins, an uneventful brink dressed in your favorite clothes before the never-ending sweat stains, your anxious thoughts can’t leave the car and will never…… Continue reading Driving Thoughts