A Haiku: Breeze

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich In early June, theBreeze off the lake feels like theTouch of a lover.


Photo by Aian Tabor By Aian Tabor These are photos taken of people I’ll probably never see again, and they probably didn’t even know their photo was being taken. To me, these photos hold a special place in my heart. They were taken when I was going through a particularly rough time in my life, but… Continue reading Serene

Not Your Rival

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Tracy Fuentes In a world where women are constantly pitted against each other for the sake of making a profit or strengthening the patriarchy, I want other women to know that I am not your rival. I want to remind myself that other women are not my rivals either.  Our… Continue reading Not Your Rival