Good Days


Photo by Vinh Tran By Vinh Tran I’d like to consider myself as a selfless person, to an extent where I constantly find myself too available for whoever needs me. Double booking, tight schedules, and mental exhaustion–however, I’d prefer this than being too far closed off from everybody. But what’s the last checkpoint to where… Continue reading Busy

Overthinking: A Hobby

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Francesca Bernardino If I had a dollar for every time I ruined a perfectly good day with my own thoughts, I could probably buy so many effective distractions from my tendency to overthink. Often, it isn’t quite enough for everything to go right; as a chronic overthinker, I have to… Continue reading Overthinking: A Hobby

May 16, 2015

Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi The sun was setting softly down by the river; Spring’s gentle breeze caressed my face. We were lying in a hammock bodies intertwined; my head nestled against your chest and your arms around my waist. I recall breathing in the fresh cotton aroma of your favourite t-shirt  which… Continue reading May 16, 2015

The Good Days Playlist

This month, we picked feel good songs to help boost your mood when you’re feeling down. ♫ Half of us chasing fountains of youth and it’s in the present now ♫ Listen to the playlist here “Good Days” by SZA Of course, what would the Good Days playlist be without this song?! Thank you SZA… Continue reading The Good Days Playlist

Mud on the carpet

Photo by Aian Tabor By Molly Zofia I waited in all manner of places For a good day to begin. Basking in blue laced lights and  A lust for liberation from  All that could be defined by my superiors as  A good day for a girl Enveloping our wrists and waists  With surgeon-like conformity. I… Continue reading Mud on the carpet

The Simple Joy

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Stephanie Mamonto In the time of quarantine  I was craving more sweets than I could ever imagine memes and live IGs made me sick They made me occasionally forget what I really like or do not like, all the sense of oneself, you know, before this crisis. Time flows as… Continue reading The Simple Joy

Old Friend

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Alex Zavala Hey there, old friend, remember when you fought for our future when I thought I wanted it all to end? Back then, life couldn’t be any smoother You see, old friend, we followed our own lone paths, but when our friendship met its bookend, I wasn’t there to… Continue reading Old Friend

Empty Mind

Photo by Linaelys Cabrera By Lianelys Cabrera We can almost see the light at the end,But is this really the end?Sorrow comesTo remind us who we left behind.Good days all around,But where is my mind?Overwhelming thoughts and feelingsAll starts to accumulate.I then ask,Why this body, why this brain?But I close my eyes and seeThe world… Continue reading Empty Mind

White Rabbit

Photo by Ash Fuentes By Ash Fuentes Maybe my whole life runs on “Filipino Time” because I am quite late to everything. In ways that are literal and metaphorical, I am always late. Sometimes I’ll be the first to arrive at a place, other times I won’t get into the shower until thirty minutes before… Continue reading White Rabbit

Longing to Find His 505

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman But I crumble completely when you cry… “505,” the last track of Arctic Monkeys 2007 album, Favorite Worst Nightmare, is the song I wish I could listen to for the first time again. It’s captivating, heart-wrenching, and ear-pleasing. The song is known as the band’s first proper love… Continue reading Longing to Find His 505

Good Day Defined

Photo by Tracy Fuentes & Kleigh Balugo By Tracy Fuentes High school me believed that in order for a day to be categorized as good, something really great had to happen: my crush talking to me, an A on a math test, winning a debate round. By this definition, a good day was rare, and… Continue reading Good Day Defined