Coming Of Age


Photo by Athena Rajnai By Athena Rajnai back then you grabbed Father time by his collar  and kept begging for more  like the coy, soft fawn  our eyes glistened prismatic hues when summer came  and in the winter  were drenched in fear its skin was warm and undisturbed for but a moment  and its rib… Continue reading Time/death

Seven Going On Twenty-Five

Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi No one tells you at eighteen  that by the time you’re twenty-five,  you’ll want nothing more than  to be seven years old again.  I remember always playing badminton in my backyard. The air thick with the lush smell of  freshly cut grass. The icecream truck down the road… Continue reading Seven Going On Twenty-Five

Up and Down and Up

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ian Watson The scars on my skin began to heal and the compulsions that I once felt began to fade, Once again was I able to experience the wonder and joy that one feels in early childhood. My head was in the clouds but my biggest fear was that balloons… Continue reading Up and Down and Up


Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Cait Thomson i’m still waiting for my coming-of-age for that big break to be the leading lady  of my own life like i’d always imagined young and foolish daring and beautiful adjectives as foreign as another language  instead i’m always deferring  avoiding the spotlight’s glare imposter syndrome has made a… Continue reading Stars

The Coming Of Age Playlist

In the spirit of Issue 5, Kindergarten contributors curated the soundtrack to their lives. These are the songs that would play in the background of our coming of age movies. Listen along with us as the credits start to roll. Listen to the playlist here Ash Fuentes “Cliche” by Mxmtoon None of the songs I’m… Continue reading The Coming Of Age Playlist

I’m sorry, Alex

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala With worry written on my wrists,  I stood in suits and surrendered sentences as clear to me as August sunshine but as clear to them as April mists All at once, my brain was revealed as nothing more than a prison,  I told them how I engraved pain… Continue reading I’m sorry, Alex

Underrated Coming of Age Films

Photo by Charlotte Turner By Charlotte Turner The coming of age genre is more popular than ever, but sometimes public opinion regarding these films feels a little unvaried. Sure, “Lady Bird,” “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” and “Heathers” are all great, but I don’t need to write another article singing their praises. Instead, here’s… Continue reading Underrated Coming of Age Films

Mitski Loses Once Again

Song Analysis of “I Bet on Losing Dogs” by Mitski Photo by Silvana Smith By Abbey Steinman As I sit hopelessly on my bed with my headphones at maximum volume, I begin to trail off from reality. Suddenly, it feels like I’ve stayed up all night, but I shortly remember it’s only 7 p.m. I’ve… Continue reading Mitski Loses Once Again

Home is in the Heart

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kristen Del Pilar As dinner comes to an end and the conversation trickles to a stop as we all sip our coffee, I think about what a wonderful, beautiful thing it is to have people who will accommodate you, even when you say you don’t love them, even when you… Continue reading Home is in the Heart

Driving Thoughts

Photo by Alex Zavala By Alex Zavala being stuck at the red light until the end of time is better than you think because you’re stuck in what happens before life begins, an uneventful brink dressed in your favorite clothes before the never-ending sweat stains, your anxious thoughts can’t leave the car and will never… Continue reading Driving Thoughts

I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman The thought of turning 20 has been both the highlight and buzzkill of my year. It’s my last few months being 19, and being this age reminds me that my adolescence is coming to an end. I’m still immature and clumsy. I forget how to do things immediately… Continue reading I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence

The Surface Of The Snow

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich I was eighteen when I first saw the trees in the Finger Lakes with leaves that weren’torange, or at least this was the first time I remember seeing them this way.⁕The snow has started to fall again, laid as thick as it was last year in December;blood-orange below… Continue reading The Surface Of The Snow

Side Character Syndrome

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kleigh Balugo Why don’t main characters in teen movies ever look like me or my friends? This is a genuine question I have.  When I was younger I didn’t understand that the lack of representation for Asians and other POC in the media was rooted in racism. I didn’t think… Continue reading Side Character Syndrome