The Dreamland Playlist

Zzzz… This month’s playlist is in honor of hitting the snooze button and floating off to dreamland. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Listen to the playlist here Lianelys Cabrera “Still Dreaming” by Raveena If there’s something dreamy in this world, that is Raveena’s voice, especially in this song because of all the simplistic but… Continue reading The Dreamland Playlist

A Trip to Dreamland

Photo by Tracy Fuentes For this month, we wanted to take our readers to Dreamland. Dreams are quite important in our lives, as we experience them nightly for hours at a time. Here Kindergarten contributors explore some of their dreams – the good, the bad, and the in-between. Tracy Fuentes Unfortunately, my recurring dreams are… Continue reading A Trip to Dreamland

Friendship Through Music

Photo by Vlada Stark 8/8/22 Update: This article has been edited to remove the mention of Napalm Star, due to their members Dean Stacy and Kaden West having allegations of sexual misconduct. Resources can be found here By Vlada Stark I took a seminar course on friendship this past semester, and, as sappy as it… Continue reading Friendship Through Music

i wanna be the girl from sims

Photo by Daria Drobushevskaya By Daria Drobushevskaya When I thought about the place of my dreams, then a simple entertainment from my childhood came to my mind. I remembered how, walking with friends, we always built houses from everything that came to hand. in the winter they were snow huts, in the summer we raided… Continue reading i wanna be the girl from sims


Photo by Mariela Rivera By Mariela Rivera to watch her drift from the couch  into a sleep of amber evenings: long-awaited sunlight reaching forest floors of a childhood wish  * on the kitchen table watching  how her worn-out body moves  with vigor and resoluteness while concocting her usual  recipe of a little too  salty but… Continue reading Untitled

past lives

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda the tug of unbrushed hair in the wind, missing tooth smiles, laughs with glimpses of black tongues from licking powerpuff girl popsicles with gumballs for eyes- wide eyes, smooth skin, the neighbors dog barking, driveway gravel crunch nipping feet under worn out sneakers, sweet whiffs of laundry from… Continue reading past lives

Parasitic Blain

Photo by Megan Du By Megan Du One day I had a strange dream in which I was watering my garden and suddenly the spikes of a plant pierced my skin and made my leg start to bleed. I went to the hospital to have the swollen and painful blain examined, but the doctor was… Continue reading Parasitic Blain

Anything Goes

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss reddening cheeks fashionably contrasting with the not so bright peachy orange outlines of our incorrectly feminine physiques  as we’re dancing around the lukewarm flames we let go of the yellow lanterns that hold our hearts and crumpled up papers with our dead names and we lay on the… Continue reading Anything Goes

The Forests and the Fields

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich We hold each other  Between the trees, in fields as  Wide as the ocean.  (Alternate)  We hold each other  In the forests, in wide fields  Not bordered by trees.

Being Asian in White Spaces

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kleigh Balugo Dear Kindergarten Readers, What happens when you’re the only Asian person in a room? When I was younger, I found that being Asian in a white space had detrimental effects on my self esteem. I longed to fit in with my white peers, despite their tendency to isolate… Continue reading Being Asian in White Spaces