Natasha Kalsi

Elementary Days: A Nonet

Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi Take me back to those days as a kid  My grades didn’t define my worth  Important decisions were  Games to play at recess  Scars were only on  My knees and I  Remember  I was  Me

May 16, 2015

Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi The sun was setting softly down by the river; Spring’s gentle breeze caressed my face. We were lying in a hammock bodies intertwined; my head nestled against your chest and your arms around my waist. I recall breathing in the fresh cotton aroma of your favourite t-shirt  which… Continue reading May 16, 2015

The Good Days Playlist

This month, we picked feel good songs to help boost your mood when you’re feeling down. ♫ Half of us chasing fountains of youth and it’s in the present now ♫ Listen to the playlist here “Good Days” by SZA Of course, what would the Good Days playlist be without this song?! Thank you SZA… Continue reading The Good Days Playlist

Seven Going On Twenty-Five

Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi No one tells you at eighteen  that by the time you’re twenty-five,  you’ll want nothing more than  to be seven years old again.  I remember always playing badminton in my backyard. The air thick with the lush smell of  freshly cut grass. The icecream truck down the road… Continue reading Seven Going On Twenty-Five


Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi I dream of simpler times. When the only competitions were  seeing who could swing the highest at the park and  musical chairs at friends’ birthday parties. When I did things because I enjoyed doing them  and not for hearts on a screen or a following. Like painting with… Continue reading Toxicity