Jana Marquez

to love without attachment

Photo by Jana Marquez By Jana Marquez “Every time I feel good, I think it’ll last forever.” In the pilot episode of the ever-popular HBO drama euphoria, Zendaya’s character Rue utters these words, highlighting her battle with addiction. She goes on to chase this feeling, escaping with it through any means. even though it won’t… Continue reading to love without attachment

The Lust Playlist

Desire fuels passion. Lust is the passionate yearning for something or someone. Admittedly, we often lust over the wrong things. No matter what you’re lusting over, here are songs handpicked by us about that all too familiar feeling. Listen to the playlist here Jacquelyn Rodriguez “From Eden” by Hozier If there’s any artist that writes… Continue reading The Lust Playlist

A Tale of Two Area Codes

Photo by Jana Marquez By Jana Marquez I’ve had the same phone number since 7th grade. Even though I’ve been calling Las Vegas home for the past 4 years, I have yet to make the switch from 312 to 702. Even though my zip code has changed, my Chicago area code remains, grounding me throughout… Continue reading A Tale of Two Area Codes