Ian Watson

“A” Honor Roll

Photo by Ian Watson By Ian Watson I made the terrible mistake of closely tying school to my identity during my adolescence and now I can’t escape it. I don’t think I can clearly pinpoint the exact time where this happened, but it definitely began very early, probably at the beginning of elementary school. Straight… Continue reading “A” Honor Roll


Photo by Ian Watson By Ian Watson The constant hum from thousands of desert cicadas paired with a scorching dry heat provide consistency and comfort, My skin goes from white to red in an instant; The soles of my shoes begin to distress upon walking on the rocky dirt that surrounds everything I know, I… Continue reading Everything

Up and Down and Up

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ian Watson The scars on my skin began to heal and the compulsions that I once felt began to fade, Once again was I able to experience the wonder and joy that one feels in early childhood. My head was in the clouds but my biggest fear was that balloons… Continue reading Up and Down and Up

The Coming Of Age Playlist

In the spirit of Issue 5, Kindergarten contributors curated the soundtrack to their lives. These are the songs that would play in the background of our coming of age movies. Listen along with us as the credits start to roll. Listen to the playlist here Ash Fuentes “Cliche” by Mxmtoon None of the songs I’m… Continue reading The Coming Of Age Playlist

The Nostalgia Playlist

For this month’s playlist, Kindergarten contributors handpicked songs that make them feel the most nostalgic, ranging from childhood favorites to middle school anthems. Turn the volume up and travel through time with us! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” by Arcade Fire There are many songs I love that… Continue reading The Nostalgia Playlist


Photo by Ian Watson By Ian Watson For when I have no hope for the future and cannot romanticize the present, I look to the past – Wearing rose colored glasses, I stare through the mirror that beholds all of the events of my life I look at the faces of all of the people… Continue reading Jumping

Unrequited Loneliness

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ian Watson As synonymous as love is with Valentine’s Day, loneliness is equally related; it is the dark underbelly that comes with such a sensationalized holiday. For every person in a happy relationship, there is a person feeling the pain of unrequited love; for every flower bought, there is someone… Continue reading Unrequited Loneliness