Abbey Steinman

The Unity Playlist

For issue 7: Unity, we chose songs that bring people together. Listen with your friends and let the good times roll! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon This doesn’t seem like a song that would bring people together, as it’s just Carly Simon listing the many flaws of… Continue reading The Unity Playlist

The Good Days Playlist

This month, we picked feel good songs to help boost your mood when you’re feeling down. ♫ Half of us chasing fountains of youth and it’s in the present now ♫ Listen to the playlist here “Good Days” by SZA Of course, what would the Good Days playlist be without this song?! Thank you SZA… Continue reading The Good Days Playlist

Longing to Find His 505

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman But I crumble completely when you cry… “505,” the last track of Arctic Monkeys 2007 album, Favorite Worst Nightmare, is the song I wish I could listen to for the first time again. It’s captivating, heart-wrenching, and ear-pleasing. The song is known as the band’s first proper love… Continue reading Longing to Find His 505

The Coming Of Age Playlist

In the spirit of Issue 5, Kindergarten contributors curated the soundtrack to their lives. These are the songs that would play in the background of our coming of age movies. Listen along with us as the credits start to roll. Listen to the playlist here Ash Fuentes “Cliche” by Mxmtoon None of the songs I’m… Continue reading The Coming Of Age Playlist

Mitski Loses Once Again

Song Analysis of “I Bet on Losing Dogs” by Mitski Photo by Silvana Smith By Abbey Steinman As I sit hopelessly on my bed with my headphones at maximum volume, I begin to trail off from reality. Suddenly, it feels like I’ve stayed up all night, but I shortly remember it’s only 7 p.m. I’ve… Continue reading Mitski Loses Once Again

I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman The thought of turning 20 has been both the highlight and buzzkill of my year. It’s my last few months being 19, and being this age reminds me that my adolescence is coming to an end. I’m still immature and clumsy. I forget how to do things immediately… Continue reading I like it when I listen to the 1975 for I am always reminded of my adolescence

The Nostalgia Playlist

For this month’s playlist, Kindergarten contributors handpicked songs that make them feel the most nostalgic, ranging from childhood favorites to middle school anthems. Turn the volume up and travel through time with us! Listen to the playlist here Charlotte Turner “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” by Arcade Fire There are many songs I love that… Continue reading The Nostalgia Playlist

She Doesn’t Smoke Anymore, But She’s Not Smoking Any Less

Song Analysis/Commentary of “I Don’t Smoke” by Mitski Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman Track No. 5, “I Don’t Smoke,” off of Mitski’s 2014 album, “Bury Me At Makeout Creek” is the definition of a guilty pleasure song. It’s the song I blast on my speakers as I cruise the freeway at night with… Continue reading She Doesn’t Smoke Anymore, But She’s Not Smoking Any Less

The Soulmates Playlist

Our third issue, Soulmates, is centered around love. In the spirit of soulmates and Valentine’s Day, Kindergarten contributors made a Spotify playlist of their most listened to love songs, most of which we’ve cried to. Whether you love or hate love songs, we’ve got you covered with recommendations. Listen to the playlist here Abbey Steinman… Continue reading The Soulmates Playlist

The Awaiting Letter

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman To my darling group of friends, I told you I’d write about us one day, and here I am fulfilling it. On the days where I don’t see you is another day where I ache in agony. Well, it’s not that bad, but it’s pretty bad. To not… Continue reading The Awaiting Letter

Most Anticipated Of 2021

Photo by Kleigh Balugo After a turbulent 2020, 2021 brought many hopes that this year will be better than the last. While there are obvious things to hope for such as recovery from COVID-19 and an improved presidency, here Kindergarten Mag contributors are presenting what we are most anticipating from pop culture in 2021. While… Continue reading Most Anticipated Of 2021

Best Of 2020 Scrapbook

By Tracy Fuentes, Ash Fuentes, Kleigh Balugo, Lyra, Abbey Steinman, Isabel Cruz Despite all the negative things last year brought, 2020 was a memorable year for all of us. Reflecting on the past year, Kindergarten contributors created scrapbook pages of their favorite memories.

The Resolution Playlist

Photo by Kleigh Balugo In honor of our second issue, Resolution, Kindergarten contributors compiled their most loved songs in to a single Spotify playlist. Covering a wide range of different genres, artists, and time periods, this is what Resolution sounds like to us. Listen to the playlist here Alyanna Moralda “Everything Is Everything” by Ms.… Continue reading The Resolution Playlist

Get Cozy With Kindergarten

The winter months are all about layering and bundling up. Ash, Tracy, Abbey, and Kleigh compiled their most festive and comfy clothes to show Kindergarten readers what they’re wearing this December, minus shoes in a few pictures because technically you’re not supposed to wear them in the house. Even though it doesn’t get too cold… Continue reading Get Cozy With Kindergarten