Bloodline/Just So Pretty

Photo by Sydney Shaffer By Sydney Shaffer bloodline  Ⅰ.  Cold skin, too stubborn  to wear our jackets outside  even on Christmas Day.  My mustard sweater keeps  me warm as different types  of smoke dances around us.  Ⅱ.  Fingers stinky from  the beer spills.  She responsibly  orders us iced water.  Dancing to music that  dates both…… Continue reading Bloodline/Just So Pretty

Same Air

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich 10/31/2021  It feels like we are lovers.  You come over and we just hold each other while we look out the window, down at the cold outside, down at the groups of people walking by below us, down at the light of the streetlights hitting the pavement. We…… Continue reading Same Air

Home Feels like I’m Frozen in Time

Photo by Brigita Przybylski By Brigita Przybylski Home feels like I’m frozen in time The days all blend into each other  Like smeared charcoal  And neighbors stay inside  The suburban streets barren  Yet their houses are also empty of   Life or light Making me question If I can freeze time An hourglass on its side …… Continue reading Home Feels like I’m Frozen in Time


Photo by Lianelys Cabrera By Lianelys Cabrera Gone so fast never even asked my name I know I should be mad But still, I admire you from afar. I promise myself to not waste another minute never lose another moment  what could have been? But here I am, daydreaming a future that will never come…… Continue reading Haunted