A Story

Photo by Michael Jones By Michael Jones After Scott Erickson The sixteenth summer was subtle, spilling over with delight, illuminated by strands of soft-spun sunlight, winding into infinity in directions I could not see. I still labored in those days, breaking my body, my burden, beneath morning and evening sun, that I might be made…… Continue reading A Story

Love shouldn’t hurt

Photo by Alyssa Duarte By Alyssa Duarte **CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Abuse/Sexual Assault Resources can be found at thehotline.org and rainn.org** I honestly feel so much pain right now mentally & physically I can’t really put it into words.  i haven’t been able to hold down any food without gagging or throwing up, you choked me…… Continue reading Love shouldn’t hurt

discovery (for me)

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Sydney Shaffer I have turned the right way. I still yearn for the early morning chill. I swear there is nothing and no one else when I am under a fort of fuzzy blankets. Glowing from my rainbow fairy lights reflection that hangs above my twin size bed. I have…… Continue reading discovery (for me)

Good Luck Charm

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich It is the end of December, the time of the year when it is just as dark inside as it is outside. I have a toothbrush that belongs to me sitting on the edge of your sink now, the good luck charm that keeps me clean, that I…… Continue reading Good Luck Charm

my professor said to write about an erotic experience, so I wrote about her hands

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson fingers like birds. I don’t believe in God,  but I believe in this – skin to skin contact,  the holiness of held breath and unlocked  potential. lavender iced coffee. glitter  on her eyelids. this is sex. or something  like it, her hands touch mine and I know,  deep…… Continue reading my professor said to write about an erotic experience, so I wrote about her hands

Must Be More

Photo by Lenna By Lenna I am longing for something I myself don’t know Is it a person to hold or a place to go? With each passing day, this craving grows stronger Yet it’s a mystery as to what’s causing this hunger . I yearn to escape all of this mundane reality But is…… Continue reading Must Be More

a vessel/iconoclast

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Joey Horger a vessel The intoxication possessed,  And the mere possibility seduced.  The reduction to a vapid vessel,  Thus, no sympathy was produced.  The initial infatuation,  Severed from an impetus.  These unions deceive me,  Yet now, the sensation has grown inconspicuous. I know not the denouement  You tempt me unknowingly. …… Continue reading a vessel/iconoclast

Won’t You Join Me

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews I’m probably getting ahead of myself, but I’m already falling. I can’t help it.  The feeling you give me  is something I’ve never felt before, only heard about  in songs, movies, and books.  Like most new things, it’s both exciting and terrifying.  There are just as many examples …… Continue reading Won’t You Join Me

Flower Cycle

Photo by Sigra DeWeese By Sigra DeWeese Flower Cycle: Lilacs  This is not sweet love  It is not hope or  Longing looks  It’s the stringent  Smell of fear-sweat  Prey in my own neurons  Because nothing  Makes a heart race  Like the unknown  Flower Cycle: Pink Rose  You ask how long you have to wait to…… Continue reading Flower Cycle


Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich This December The snow falls beneath the streetlights, My guardian angel, As soft as it ever has— Saying you name and touching my face. The clouds are as bright as day. I squint upwards towards each of the one million tiny, white prayers. – It feels like it…… Continue reading Temperature