Photo by Mariela Rivera By Mariela Rivera to watch her drift from the couch  into a sleep of amber evenings: long-awaited sunlight reaching forest floors of a childhood wish  * on the kitchen table watching  how her worn-out body moves  with vigor and resoluteness while concocting her usual  recipe of a little too  salty but…… Continue reading Untitled

past lives

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda the tug of unbrushed hair in the wind, missing tooth smiles, laughs with glimpses of black tongues from licking powerpuff girl popsicles with gumballs for eyes- wide eyes, smooth skin, the neighbors dog barking, driveway gravel crunch nipping feet under worn out sneakers, sweet whiffs of laundry from…… Continue reading past lives

Anything Goes

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Ryland McGinniss reddening cheeks fashionably contrasting with the not so bright peachy orange outlines of our incorrectly feminine physiques  as we’re dancing around the lukewarm flames we let go of the yellow lanterns that hold our hearts and crumpled up papers with our dead names and we lay on the…… Continue reading Anything Goes

The Forests and the Fields

Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich We hold each other  Between the trees, in fields as  Wide as the ocean.  (Alternate)  We hold each other  In the forests, in wide fields  Not bordered by trees.

7:20 am

Photo by Alyssa Duarte By Alyssa Duarte 7:20am,  dreams colored violet  filled with envy shades of fire love isn’t free a cold heart swallowed the sea think of her think of me only a nightmare but you should envy the color her long hair shades of brown the ocean churns her heart frowns my sweet…… Continue reading 7:20 am

seed cemetery

Photo by Angie Shenouda By Angie Shenouda in the early mourning of the wake  he snuggles two fingers  into the damp earth where he lies his head  and heart to rest  in a field of faux goodbyes and promises unspoken- a burial ground- he lowers the casket full of seeds,  nothing but damp soil for…… Continue reading seed cemetery

Journey of the Spirit

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Isabelle Murphy Let the lush green  Push through your Spread fingers. Running through dewy grass The trickle of fresh water  Over muddy stones Silver lighted figures  Cradle your Salt water tears  Turning up  Lavender blooms  Winding out  Ivy on tree trunks  Pulling you in  “Shhhh,” She whispers,  “It is time…… Continue reading Journey of the Spirit

happy poem

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson I’ve been reading happy poems lately and feeling that feeling that swells in my chest like something small inside me is growing, like every molecule is lined up saying yesyesyes louder and louder, like there is something beautiful and full of purpose living inside my fragile skin. I…… Continue reading happy poem