Photo by Natasha Kalsi By Natasha Kalsi I dream of simpler times. When the only competitions were  seeing who could swing the highest at the park and  musical chairs at friends’ birthday parties. When I did things because I enjoyed doing them  and not for hearts on a screen or a following. Like painting with…… Continue reading Toxicity

I’ve Lived In Too Many Places To Remember

Photo by Natalia Lee By Natalia Lee I remember late nightsat the bottom of my fire escape ladderwe raced in shopping cart lotsdrinking creme soda in glass bottlesI remember dropping my phone—one, two many times I can’t seem to countwe stole signs off of wallspracticed running from the lawwe never worried—of what would happen next…… Continue reading I’ve Lived In Too Many Places To Remember


Photo by Ian Watson By Ian Watson For when I have no hope for the future and cannot romanticize the present, I look to the past – Wearing rose colored glasses, I stare through the mirror that beholds all of the events of my life I look at the faces of all of the people…… Continue reading Jumping


Photo by Greta Unetich By Greta Unetich Your face fractured by the shadows under the stars,  Under the slivers in the silver trees.  The cold air touches my arms, my legs. Cold water in my hair, mist on the road back home.  Your skin underwater,  Where the dreams of the living live,  Blue even when…… Continue reading Waterfall

Carved From The Same Stone

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Vlada Stark The spring’s sunlight is tender like a lover’s affectionate touch. A couple sits on the fresh field  red checkered cloth beneath them  picnicking on a forgotten dessert. Rosy cheeks.  Faint giggles.  Stolen kisses.  They’re new to love’s embrace.  Still infatuated by lavish cliches. Their hearts will race for…… Continue reading Carved From The Same Stone

With You And Ice Cream

Photo by Stephanie Mamonto By Stephanie Mamonto time has stopped there with you and the ice cream conversations I’ve always wanted them to stay in the memories those awkward hugs my shaky hands around your arms the towering walls between us your big eyes gently smiling behind the melted cake boiled butter dripping through the…… Continue reading With You And Ice Cream

The Disturbance

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Citra Benazir I think I need therapy.It’s 4:18, Thursday morning. People are asleep.I am awake.Trying to distract myself with work when all I can think about is you. Oh, how I loathe you now. Yes, I love you.I still do.I hate you.I hate you.I hate you.I do.As much as I…… Continue reading The Disturbance

A Moment

Photo by Cait Thomson By Cait Thomson what if a soulmate wasn’t a person,but a place,a moment.the night sky five seconds after dusk,in the piece of time between navy blue and black.a city street in a snowstorm,so deafeningly quiet it stops the world for an instant.a beach, deserted at dawn,dolphins swimming to keep pace as…… Continue reading A Moment