Para Mi Corazón

Photo by Jacquelyn Rodriguez By Jacquelyn Rodriguez “Para mi corazón” Hola mi amor, Ever since you left, I feel like my heart’s been miles and miles away.  Okay, fine. I’ll admit that sounds a bit dramatic, pero (y esto es un secreto, por favor no se lo cuentes a nadie) soy bien chillona.  I knew…… Continue reading Para Mi Corazón

Love Confession To Two Broken Roses “Nana”

Photo by Abbey Steinman By Abbey Steinman “Hey Nana,” I’ve never read a story where my eyes struggled moving onto the next page because I couldn’t stop admiring- well, more like devouring, the page in front of me until I read yours. I can’t get enough of the story and artwork, nor do I want…… Continue reading Love Confession To Two Broken Roses “Nana”