Parasitic Blain

Photo by Megan Du By Megan Du One day I had a strange dream in which I was watering my garden and suddenly the spikes of a plant pierced my skin and made my leg start to bleed. I went to the hospital to have the swollen and painful blain examined, but the doctor was…… Continue reading Parasitic Blain

Nurturing Your Roots: My Visit to the Nuwu Art Gallery

Photo by Lauren Dominguez By Lauren Dominguez As someone who is of mixed race, it’s always such a shock to be labeled as one side and to have the other completely disregarded. I’ve always lived within those black and white areas. My father is Mexican and my mother is various percentages of Western European. I’ve…… Continue reading Nurturing Your Roots: My Visit to the Nuwu Art Gallery

On Growth: Five Movies That Approach Growth Through a Fresh Lens

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Molly Zofia If you know me, then you know I spend so much time watching movies that it borders on being a bit sad. But for me, film is one of the most beautiful forms of human expression that we have. I love film because it enables so many people…… Continue reading On Growth: Five Movies That Approach Growth Through a Fresh Lens

Punk Zines and Nirvana: an Interview with Napalm Star

Photo by Dean Stacy By Vlada Stark Early one morning, a friend of mine played “Never Learned How to Dance,” a slow-paced emotional song with a poetic, horrifying twist that symbolizes the adolescent fears of sex. The band behind the song, Napalm Star, is an indie-rock group with punk influences from Las Vegas’ growing music…… Continue reading Punk Zines and Nirvana: an Interview with Napalm Star

The Sprouting Playlist

We planted seeds and now that it’s finally spring they’re starting to sprout. For the month of April, Kindergarten contributors compiled their favorite songs to listen to when they’re gardening, on a picnic, or just out in nature in general. Listen to the playlist here Tracy Fuentes “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac I imagine running through…… Continue reading The Sprouting Playlist

Untitled Document

Photo by Tracy Fuentes By Lauren Dominguez An empty piece of paper, or an online word document is one of the scariest things that can be in front of me. The only thing scarier is spiders. I am absolutely terrified of spiders… A blank page is just teeming with untapped potential. It’s waiting for whoever…… Continue reading Untitled Document

The Complexity of Barber Westchester

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Sinclair Adams Being an artist in the twenty-first century will crush your soul. Thanks to the double-edged sword that is the Internet, it’s easier than ever to access entertainment. The audience for my work is more global than it ever could have been. On the downside, the competition has never…… Continue reading The Complexity of Barber Westchester

Out of Touch

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Kleigh Balugo Going to college with rich white kids has taught me a lot about myself. In my first year of college, I was desperate to make friends, as most freshmen are of course. Mostly because college can be lonely, especially when you don’t know anyone and especially when you…… Continue reading Out of Touch