Decaying Artist

Photo by Lydia Silic By Lydia Silic Am I really an artist? Am I really a friend? Do people believe in me…do I believe in myself? They say ‘You are what you believe’, or is that ‘you are what you eat’? I gaslight myself, I doubt my passion. Is that me in the photo? Are the flowers alive or dead? Has this been done…… Continue reading Decaying Artist



Photo by Amanda Perez By Amanda Perez This image is part of a more extensive photographic series entitled Metamorphose, telling the story of how one transitions from a sheltered, self-protective state into a confident, and colorfully adorned persona. — Tucked away in my cocoon, why would I ever want to leave? I doubt there is…… Continue reading Metamorphose

Bunny is Forever

Photo by Makela Moline By Makela Moline My primary focus when creating art is to visit internal reflection in order to build instinctually, to ensure an accurate representation of emotion, experience, and memory. Daily, my experiences in the dream world, the real world, and the imagination are logged and researched meticulously as if I were…… Continue reading Bunny is Forever

What’s in Our Bags?

By Charlene Gonzales, Rosie Lopolito, Kleigh Balugo, Lianelys Cabrera, Jennifer Prewitt, Ash Fuentes, Jana Marquez, and Tracy Fuentes The contents of one’s bag can reveal a lot about someone: what they’re currently reading, how they keep their hair so neat, and most importantly, what they consider absolutely essential for them to carry at all times.…… Continue reading What’s in Our Bags?