On Growth: Five Movies That Approach Growth Through a Fresh Lens

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Molly Zofia If you know me, then you know I spend so much time watching movies that it borders on being a bit sad. But for me, film is one of the most beautiful forms of human expression that we have. I love film because it enables so many people…… Continue reading On Growth: Five Movies That Approach Growth Through a Fresh Lens

happy poem

Photo by Aiden Nelson By Aiden Nelson I’ve been reading happy poems lately and feeling that feeling that swells in my chest like something small inside me is growing, like every molecule is lined up saying yesyesyes louder and louder, like there is something beautiful and full of purpose living inside my fragile skin. I…… Continue reading happy poem

Journey of the Spirit

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Isabelle Murphy Let the lush green  Push through your Spread fingers. Running through dewy grass The trickle of fresh water  Over muddy stones Silver lighted figures  Cradle your Salt water tears  Turning up  Lavender blooms  Winding out  Ivy on tree trunks  Pulling you in  “Shhhh,” She whispers,  “It is time…… Continue reading Journey of the Spirit

Punk Zines and Nirvana: an Interview with Napalm Star

Photo by Dean Stacy By Vlada Stark Early one morning, a friend of mine played “Never Learned How to Dance,” a slow-paced emotional song with a poetic, horrifying twist that symbolizes the adolescent fears of sex. The band behind the song, Napalm Star, is an indie-rock group with punk influences from Las Vegas’ growing music…… Continue reading Punk Zines and Nirvana: an Interview with Napalm Star


Photo by Luna Maluna Gri By Luna Maluna Gri I watched myself wilting  fallen petals beside my feet  I wilted and wilted  down to my roots  Shedding everything   which weighed so heavy on my shoulders, everything   I don’t need anymore   I nourished myself  in the rich black soil  I watched myself growing new leaves and…… Continue reading Bloom

The Sprouting Playlist

We planted seeds and now that it’s finally spring they’re starting to sprout. For the month of April, Kindergarten contributors compiled their favorite songs to listen to when they’re gardening, on a picnic, or just out in nature in general. Listen to the playlist here Tracy Fuentes “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac I imagine running through…… Continue reading The Sprouting Playlist


Photo by Cait Thomson By Cait Thomson every year it is the same it feels like it will never arrive and then one blessed morning the sun feels warm on skin and birds appear every year it is the same the routine of the seasons calms me soon I will wear my sandals crunching over…… Continue reading spring

Eulogy for Past Versions of Myself

Photo by Kleigh Balugo By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews The version of myself  who was blissfully naive, the version of myself  whose biggest problem was deciding what toy she wanted from the store,   the version of myself  who thought I had found love with you are all dead now. But so are the version of myself  who…… Continue reading Eulogy for Past Versions of Myself