Bunny is Forever

Photo by Makela Moline

By Makela Moline

My primary focus when creating art is to visit internal reflection in order to build instinctually, to ensure an accurate representation of emotion, experience, and memory. Daily, my experiences in the dream world, the real world, and the imagination are logged and researched meticulously as if I were an obtrusive psychologist hell-bent on determining a diagnosis.

Upon approaching a blank canvas, I avert my eyes immediately and consult the diary entries, the search tabs I never closed, the ever-growing photo library, the unintelligible notes written in passing, and the drafts created in repetition. The consistent sources of inspiration do little to quell the paralysis of beginning a painting when feelings of artistic inadequacy set in and indeterminacy allows the mind to linger and linger until finally lucidity is reached.

Makela Moline, Bunny is Forever, 2022, oil on paper, 8.5x10in
Makela Moline, Bitch Brickery, 2022, oil on canvas, 18x24in
Makela Moline, Towers, 2023, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 24x32in

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