winter things

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Janetsa Keo

Winter started to feel like mid-July.

It was warm outside for once, in the dark hours of the season. The trees were dead and dry, the leaves were shriveled up and thin on the ground. The sun had been absent for quite some time, leaving only sparse clouds drifting across the sky. Everywhere I looked, everything was gray. The gray sky, the gray buildings and gray trees. I always hated winter because it was too cold. Too dark. The air felt different. Quieter, almost. Like the holidays had rushed everyone to disappear into their homes, into their warm sweaters and cozy couches by the fireplace. But last winter, I think I was happier back then. I was happier even though it was colder. 

When I think of winter, I think about how warm I was because of the people I was with. It felt like summer in winter, because I was around people I spent long days in the sun with. 

Winter reminds people of hot chocolate, scarves and hats, fireplaces and snow. When I think of winter, I think of the sun and how bright it was in California. 


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