You Met Me In Winter

Photo by Brigita Przybylski

By Brigita Przybylski

You met me in winter
My least favorite season
The snow, the cold, and a million other reasons
That was one of the first things I told you,
That I get cold way too easily
And wish it were warmer more frequently

With my face buried into my unflattering coat
You brought up why I chose to live on the East Coast as a joke
Then commented on my red cheeks and red nose
“They’re probably the same color as a rose,” I said
“More like winterberries,” you said
After a pause
“More like winterberries,” I repeated back

It was snowing then
And I watched as your hair got covered in white
My brain looked into the future from that sight
For the first time, I noticed how snowflakes shimmer
The night changed to the opposite of dimmer
And suddenly it felt a little warmer outside

I saw you again after that
And after that and after that
With the days getting shorter and shorter
And my skin forgetting the sun
I found warmth with you
While waiting for spring
And winter didn’t seem as cold anymore


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