i moved

Photo by Mo Noel

By Mo Noel

Late nights by the lake didn’t feel the same. I could still see your reflection shimmer in the water. And I couldn’t help but wish you were here. You’re off to better things, but you made this big, little city feel like home. 

I replayed the memories, trying to find my way back. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I guess memories change and the people I used to love fade. Maybe things would be the same if you had stayed. I knew you had to go, but I wish you were here.

Sometimes I retrace our daytime walks, where time wouldn’t stop. And I can still hear you say, “I’m in your corner either way.” But we’re older now and gone our separate ways. But, I’d love a postcard talking about your day. Set the scene, tell me you miss me and that faux, small town we thought we’d never leave.

I made my way to LA like we always talked about. So tough to decide what to keep and give away. And I can’t help but wonder if our photos and letters that used to hang on your walls sit in a box that you won’t see until you move next fall. Your souvenirs collect dust since you don’t keep up anymore. Sometimes I shake the globe to remind me of how beautiful it was to fall for someone so warm when the rest of the world was cold. Put it back on the shelf and remind myself that people grow apart when they live that far away.

It’s so selfish of me to wish you’d stayed when I couldn’t get myself to do the same.


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