I’m Glad That You Ended Things

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Madison Kleinrock-Andrews

I’m glad that you ended things,

because I would have wasted

years and years with you

like my mother did with my father

if you let me.

Before I met you,

I didn’t understand how 

she could be with the wrong guy

for so long. 

Now I understand.

Love is a filter

that amplifies the good,

doesn’t let the bad through,

and shrinks the worst 

down to a size small enough to tolerate,

small enough to fix. 

I should have learned 

from my parents’ relationship 

to fall in love with actual people

and not idealized potential versions of them,

but the filter’s distortion was so great

I couldn’t see 

that there were two completely different people

on either side of it. 

I’m glad that you ended things,

because I never would have seen that 

if you hadn’t. 


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