the smell of moss

Photo by Rosie Lopolito

By Rosie Lopolito

you smell like sunlight:
warm & woody
clover & wild strawberries
poking between the seams of our future
brick-bordered garden
filled with thyme, thyme, thyme
(we have nothing but time
and striped tomatoes).

you smell bright & brilliant
spiced & soft like a chai-laced dream or
chamomile & sunflowers &
speckles of baby’s breath &
surely these aches rooted in my heart
are just blossoms
stretching toward their sun
& your return will calm us all.

my love, you’re earthy & rich
baby acorns like budding jewels
wet soil darkened with summer rain
patches of moss in the shade—
the crocodile green scent of
god in the shower,
lathered in citrus & sage.


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