I keep buying expensive shoes and they never last as long as they should

Photo by Sigra DeWeese

By Sigra DeWeese

I am climbing the rocks by the water in 

Platform boots 

Always more a danger to myself than others 

A twisted ankle seems a small price to pay for a dinner 

Party story. 

I’m always roughest on things I love 

I cannot keep from touching 

From leaving my mark 

Butting in where I don’t belong 

Bootprint in lakeside mud 

Anachronism is what I pride myself on 


I cannot just look pretty in a picnic dress 

In my meticulously curated personality 

I have to break character 

Climb trees in my sitting shoes 

Break them further than in 

Be a menace to polite company 

After all, an impression is value neutral 

Alternative explanation: 

-All press is good press 

(and even better when I don’t have to take the time to write a release)- 

Until friends of friends 

Start whispering 

And I can’t blame them for wanting a normal evening 

Sometimes I hate how much I am too 

And how much I have to ask of you 

Just to meet me at the minimum of who I am.


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