Picnic Basket Spill

Photo by Jazz Marie Kaur

By Jazz Marie Kaur

Because of you 

I peanut butter n’ jelly picnic dream 

I dream of our first date by your favorite beach 

I dream of snapping photos besides you 

I dream of becoming your first forever ice 


You are moon beautiful 

Your voice shoots jumper cables into my heart 

You are seashell art

Your eyes are my favorite staircase color 

Your eyes hold the sea and caterpillar sunrise 

You’re a rainbow rose that I can’t get out of my mind 

You are unbelievably kind 

So let’s meet up and grab your picnic basket 

I’m ready for you to ask me 

I’m ready my bumblebee 

Ask me 

Outside of my midnight Ben & Jerry’s sandwhich dream 

You’re my magic guitar potion 

You’re an electric eel episode ocean 

Your heart is filled with seasons of cinematic chocolate lotion 

You are my dream picnic 

Ask me…

I will always say yes 

You make me weak — always the heart which I I seek

I like that you  make me kryptonite weak 

I nervously galaxy chew 

As I once again imagine your eyes — the rarest deep blue 

On this curly curtained grass park view


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