june 1st

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By A.J Stanton

i rise from the grasp of sleep
and what greets me when i rise?
an old friend
gone for so long, it seems
reaching through the cracks of my blinds
stroking my face as if to tell me
it’s time, love
it’s okay
and she laces up my shoes
helps me down the stairs
and it’s hard
i open the door and pull some fruit out
i cut it up and put it in a little container
as methodically and logically as i can
while she holds me from behind
whispering words of encouragement
she grew this to nourish me
she grew this to help me succeed, thrive, live
and with this i put it in my bag because
she grew this because she loves me
and with this i march towards the door
step by step
bite by bite
day by day
she kisses me when i open it
good morning, i love you

i love you too,
day by day


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