Street Fashion Looks from Downtown Las Vegas’ First Friday

Photo by Vlada Stark, Alyssa Duarte

Interviews by Vlada Stark, Alyssa Duarte

Photos by Ian Watson

Every first Friday of the month, in the heart of the Las Vegas Arts District, there’s a celebration of Las Vegas culture through showcases of local artists, musicians, and creators. Subsequently named “First Friday,” the event also culminates Las Vegas’ emerging fashion scene. “For the Culture,” a collective whose mission is to grow Vegas culture, hosts a show featuring local artists every First Friday at the Union House. Whether it’s punks, skaters, goths, etc, all of Vegas’ fashion scenes gather together to mosh to live music.
For the past six months, I’ve been attending live shows in the Vegas music scene and interviewing local groups. Through these experiences, I’ve noticed how the audience is often overlooked. I’ve come to enjoy gazing at the people in the audience and their clothes and accessories as they sway with their bodies. So, I, along with photographer Ian Watson and my co-interviewer Alyssa Duarte, decided to ask audience members of First Friday about what they’re wearing.

Cel (

“I feel like the Vegas fashion scene…it’s hard to see people doing like their own different thing. It’s kind of like a collective of just people wearing like the same style. Like thrift-style kind of really took over. And I’m just, I’m waiting for like people to start doing their own individualistic kind of thing. One day, yeah, obviously I see people around so…”

Alaska (

“I’m wearing a little thrifted mini skirt, some leg warmers, and my little Poster Girl’s swimsuit top. Bitch, we hittin’ summertime.”

Kanon (@telesto_terror), Audrey (@the.eraofher)

Kanon: “​​I am wearing fishnets, a crop-top, some Chucks, JNCOs, a battle jacket, a couple of bracelets, rings. I don’t know. Yeah. I’m relatively new to this whole scene and like the punk scene, it’s alive here. It’s still breathing, whereas it’s dead in a lot of places still. ”

Audrey: “I’m literally wearing this thrifted [tank] I’ve written like “Löded Diper” on it because why not? And then I got a skirt and then I cut up jeans just for this. And then Doc Martens because like, hot girl shit, you know? Yeah.”

Pluto (@drownxinxcyanide)

“Just fucking some like gnarly shit is fucking like, so it’s hard. Yeah. Skater fashion? I fucking love it. The bagginess is like OP. When it comes motherfuckers wearing skinny jeans, fuck ’em.”

OZ (@luvvyrs3lf)

“I’m wearing this [vest]. It was from Cash 4 Chaos. It’s a bullet vest. It’s got around 20 ammo. And then I got some Tripp pants that I bought from Cash 4 Chaos. Then this [windbreaker] I bought off Amazon. It’s like tech wear. A windbreaker. Yeah, so these are Demonias. I bought them from Cash 4 Chaos as well. I love that place.
I dress up and I also do art. So I do make music. I do more alternative pop, alternative hip-hop, and I’m kind of leaning on the indie side right now.”

Gabbi (@gabbifisher)

“I feel like having tattoos is kind of my lazy way of doing fashion. I’m in a band myself and I’ll be playing at Legends. So I definitely like to dress for the occasion. I’m in the band Elevated Undergrounds. I front it.”

Alyssa (@4ngelssa)

“I love a lot of different music. A musician I really want to look like, you know, like their songs? If I can look like their songs, I’d want to look like a Mitski song or Lana Del Rey song, or just something very feminine. Like I’m a very feminine person. I love The Marias as well.”

Abby (@skramz00)

“Since I’m non-binary but I’m more of a female-presenting person, and haircuts are definitely a way of just presenting more androgynous especially like, like big outfits, like with a big shirt and long skirt. They just hide my boobs. They make me more androgynous-looking, and that was the goal with my haircut too.
I always dress up a little when I know I’m going to these things and I always have a certain playlist that I’m listening to when I’m getting ready. Today’s playlist was the Pinkerton album by Weezer. It’s what I was getting ready to today so that always helps out. Weezer and like Swirlies. Swirlies is delish. Delicious. So good. Just like noise. I think it definitely has an influence on what you wear because you won’t look at me and go, ‘You like to listen to Post Malone and X.’”

Haley (@venus.zi)

“So I think what’s really interesting is, when you have like a friend group, your guys’ style, like tends to like mesh together into one, and then you guys start like, you know, going out. But I think this [outfit] is very, like Abby-inspired. But also, I think like with hints of my own style, like a dainty sort of like, edgy.”

Aiden (@bug.your.parents)

“Honestly, the movies I’ve watched like Blade Runner, a lot of old 80s and 90s anime like Bubblegum Crisis, Ghost in the Shell. And the music I listen to which has been a lot of techno, industrial, and darkwave. That’s where I find my core inspirations. And this old archive fashion from Fruits magazine. A lot of old Japanese stuff from the 90s, and early 2000s goth. 

I am wearing a pair of New Rock boots that I had custom-made for me. A Rammstein t-shirt from Cash 4 Chaos. Peep Cash 4 Chaos. A garter belt, red PVC pants, three-row studded pyramid belt, my long Matrix S Hellraiser PVC coat, choker, and this fall necklace with a pair of Oakley Clifton glasses and Vitaly jewelry.”

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