Friendship Through Music

Photo by Vlada Stark

8/8/22 Update: This article has been edited to remove the mention of Napalm Star, due to their members Dean Stacy and Kaden West having allegations of sexual misconduct.

Resources can be found here

By Vlada Stark

I took a seminar course on friendship this past semester, and, as sappy as it may sound, the course radically shifted my views on the friends who are currently in my life and those far in my past. From early winter to late spring, my understanding of my platonic relationships and their complexity blossomed. I realized I had always taken for granted the deep comfortable love of friendship in place for other forms of love, such as the prized excitement of romance. For my final, I was asked to explore a component of friendship through a creative project. Combining my adoration of music, my growing interest in zines, and the responses of my dear friends, I created a zine showcasing the connection between music and its significance in friendships. 

To fully understand the emotional depth of each response, please listen along to each person’s chosen track as you read along. The playlist is linked through a QR code or can be accessed here.


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