a vessel/iconoclast

Photo by Kleigh Balugo

By Joey Horger

a vessel

The intoxication possessed, 

And the mere possibility seduced. 

The reduction to a vapid vessel, 

Thus, no sympathy was produced. 

The initial infatuation, 

Severed from an impetus. 

These unions deceive me, 

Yet now, the sensation has grown inconspicuous. I know not the denouement 

You tempt me unknowingly. 

The idealized commencement, 

Delivered and bestowed to me. 

This illumination will shudder, 

And these synthetic walls will collapse. The etchings and indentations, 

How may admiration grow so crass? Do the utterances in passing 

Bear subdued sincerities? 

Or acrid denouncements, 

Corroding integrity? 

You do not invest in miracle, 

However, you covet chance. 

How may these blessings be bestowed, Given your adulterous advances? 

I still bear those marks, 

When bare of shame and daylight. 

The dew still encases my frame, 

As you elate in graceless delight. 

These rings stain my flesh 

Illustrious tarnishes 

Of envious greens, 

And capricious carnages. 

My grasp tightens, 

And these reigns resist. 

The metals tire: 

A wistful wish.


The recognized imitations,

And the seeming stumble to satisfaction-
In light of hysteria,

Or the hedonistic crawl of compassion.
A white knight compels,
As do the disavowing visions
Of a defeatist in denial,
Bereft of consoling solutions.

I have removed my jewelry-
My clothing follows.

I immerse in the unseen vulnerability-
A conquest so shallow.

I had envisioned it sacred!
I had regarded it so outstandingly!
There now exists no knowledge,
That could serve definitively
To guide me in this act
I revered, iconoclastically.


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