who i’d like to trade places with (in no particular order)

Photo by Angie Shenouda

By Angie Shenouda

the mother at the self checkout line next to me with chocolate milk in her cart 

the baby poisonous scorpion i found under my bed and almost stepped on last summer 

the man we saw on the way home selling bundles of pastel flowers with his wife  

the olives on our tree that fall where the quails can’t get them  

the pretty white girl he had a crush on who he said was mean    

the pool in my neighbor’s backyard that’s always bluer and cleaner than ours 

the girl with smooth blonde hair who i used to swap lip gloss with in third grade 

the dog i saw on Tiktok whose owners built him his own apartment with couches and a TV 

the sparkly five inch heels in the back of my closet that i’ve never worn out once  

the baby green weeds peeking through the cracks on the sidewalk on my way home 

the pack of coyotes across the street who sing when they think we’re sleeping 

the little girl who screamed for chocolate milk in the store and got exactly what she wanted. 


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